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I have no clue. I didn't realize it was bumped until I scrolled up and saw the dates of peoples post. I do think it's pointless to bump threads that are almost a year old or older.
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@mcbean: Gods are a male Gender. Thors=Male so hes a Thunder God Thor Girl=female so she is is A Thunder Goddess.
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@The_Last_Son_of_Czarnia said:


My point still stands. It's Tarene's job to use her hammer's powers effectively.



@venomoushatred1001 said:


@The_Last_Son_of_Czarnia said:

If it's depowered Thor-Girl, I'd say she loses a brawl.

If it's the Designate, then it's a curbstomp in Tara's favor.

She doesn't have to brawl with She Hulk. She could simply BFR her or drain her of her gamma energy.


You both are right. This thread feels like reruns of Thor vs Hulk Threads.
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@Endanger said:


In what issue did Bane ever fought Superman?

First of all, Bane's not stupid. There's no way he would take on a guy like Superman unless he has enormous amounts of prep.



Agreed. He would need lots of prep. He would either have to learn alot of deadly magic or get ahold of lex luthor and buy some kryptonite. supermans a handfull in banes case.
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Red Hulk is to much. He wins. no queations asked.
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@High Revolutionary said:


Pinhead is in an entirely different league than Myer's and Freddy. Pinhead is some type of angelic entity/demonoid who can go in an out of reality.

Myer's and Freddy are normal mortals who have been physically taken over or augmented by a satanic deity.

That said:

Myers > Freddy

Pinhead: Different league altogether. He doesn't fight at all.



You go to remember though the only weakness pinhead really has is that box. magic box or whatever they called it. that was the only way in the hellraiser movies i seen so far. the box was the only magical way to get rid of pinhead. you're right pinhead,freddy and michael are in different leagues. all have there own capabilities. 
Personally I would of went with pinhead cause of how evil he was,but thats my opinion doesnt mean anyone else thinks the same.
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@BigCimmerian said:


@Pistolwhip1 said:

@Nefarious said:
Well, it says the predator knows what Lobo can do and has prep. Pretty sure he's not going to come out and openly fight him which people seem to suggest. Would be stupid. Not sure what the preds can do with prep.

Well if he knows what Lobo can do I suppose he will be afraid to fight against him. Lobo could solo entire planet of predators with one punch.




come on lets be fair. one punch and killing a planet of predators? thats odd.
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@King Saturn said:

                    really ? where was the 30 quintillion ton limit stated ?



I agree. I wanna see proof too supermans that strong.
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@MB25 said:


Im gonna assume he's clark in those pics..definitely got huge-still confused about the beard and if that is clark-where are his glasses?



Yeah I aint seen this before.