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Thanks IcePrince_X and Cutter! Samuel Casal is a goddamn visual genius! :)

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Haven't been back here in a while. I just cleaned up the Darkhawk Timeline into an easier-to-follow bullet point structure. I just went through trying to clear up the background continuity about the amulet and its scientist creators, etc etc (not that any of it matters due to the retcon... but curiosity and stubborness to understand is a bitch sometimes).

I added Spider-Man Friends and Foes (finally found the issue I was missing!) and I'll be adding the later appearances in New Warriors soon (high 40s somewhere) as I just found those missing issues as well.

After that I'll go through the Runaway, League of Losers and Loners trades, and eventually hop into the new Nova and War of Kings goodness.

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A set of submissions have come in including a couple non-contest fanart pieces as well which is awesome! Check out the pieces thus far and if you're an artist and interested in submitting something, there is still time!    

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League of Aquatic Heroes is gonna be running a contest over the next month or so. This is for all the artists out there interested in creating a piece of fanart of any of the characters. It can be singles, or pairs, or the group, anything… as long as it is LOAH related.

The art piece can be in any medium you wish and will be posted in a fanart section on this site for all to see. There’s an “open” deadline of July 15th for submissions. After that point our favorite piece will be selected and the artist will receive a $40 prize and top-listed in the fanart section. All submissions will also link to any gallery or portfolio site you send with the entry. 

Blog Post:
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Whao! Thought I'd get an email when a reply happened :). Didn't know this was getting replies, sorry! Ya, this timeline was definitely inspired by this site. I stated doing some major work on the Darkhawk pages and then another user took over and just annihilated the rest of them in record time :).  
I am still after one of the Spider-Man Friends and Foes comics so that I can continue the detailed timeline. It'd be awesome if it ended up on CV, I just don't know where to drop it. Also it's been updated and better organized on the Darkhawk Zone fansite I set up after this original link post.

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I don't much mind all the retcon stuff--as long as it allows Darkhawk to enter Marvel's modern continuity somehow, I'm fine with it. It does concern me a little bit as to how much ignoring about half his original series affects so many other things. 
...His father coming back at the end of the original series may have been him all mentally confuddled--sure--same goes for Evilhawk and later on Overhawk, and Osch the ship in Null Space and Bokk the intergalactic crimeboss, and many other little things... but how much of the 2nd half of the original series is voided? Incidently enough it was mostly tied to Darkhawk's connection to the cosmic portion of the Marvel Universe, yet it's ignored...
Maybe it'll get dealt with somehow later on... maybe it's just best all us Darkhawk fans let the past be the past and allow the current stories to just be what they are too: A chance for a great under-rated character to find a foothold in the MarvelU once again.

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Hey folks! I am looking for writers enthusiastic about superhero roleplaying games--M&M Superlink in particular--but not required.

If you are unfamiliar with the M&M Superlink game rules (OGL), no worries! If you have great article ideas that may be helpful to the genre and the people who support the genre, then the position is open to you.

You can read more about the submission guidelines here:

Looking forward to hearing from some of you!

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Hey Blue Shield... I was grinding these out as well about three weeks ago. Got caught up in a bunch of contract work that pulled me away. I was filling in what I could from the beginning and moving forward. I'm happy to see someone else is taking some initiative to helping flesh Darkhawk's entries out :)!!!

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I'm HOPING War of Kings will bring DH back! I just noticed recently that War of Kings: Ascension is also predominantly focused on Darkhawk's part in WoKs... soooo ... giggidy!
That is all!