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Something must be broken, how do you get 50% to 54%? Last I checked that adds up to 104% which isn't possible. Is this some sort of new common core math?

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Colossus all the way!

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I like Alex and Jan together, one of the few things that bridged the gap between the Avengers and X-men. Come on Marvel, make it work! Because the two of them remember everything about their "family" so it IS canon. Deal with it!

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I'd rather read a book about Cable's team rather than a solo for every one of the O5 ( Except Cyclops, cuz it's an awesome book ).

Meh, I've decided that I actually pick up way too many titles. While the art in this one is different and not my normal cup of tea it's also refreshing that they're trying a different style that works with the sort of head game they have going on. It's a little bit psychedelic at times but that's ok and I don't mind something a little different in my reading. It's oddly refreshing.

With that said, I'd agree with @avenger85 that I'd rather read this than a pile of solos for the o5.

(Waiting for the hipster condemnation troll)

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Since you seem to have a deep seated dislike for Colossus, perhaps your views more closely resemble the pathological hatred Bendis has for big Russian farm boys.

Bendis mustve gotten his ass kicked or his girlfriend stolen by a Russian dude when he was a kid, hence him projecting his issues onto his comics. Hell, read how he projects his own personal issues in the first ANXM volume, that's hilarious.

That's what I'm thinking at times but I didn't want to say it. I like prying into the reasons and whys of people's opinions though.

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Since you seem to have a deep seated dislike for Colossus, perhaps your views more closely resemble the pathological hatred Bendis has for big Russian farm boys.

I don't have any dislike for Colossus, I am mainly impartial. However, it is apt apparent that a lot of writers do have a hard time writing him...also, as you can see from the post in this thread that I am not alone thinking he can be kind of boring.

Nice to see you ended the conversation by going the mature route.

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Mmm, no. it's tied to her mutant abilities like her disks and mutant abilities come from?? Mutated genes. Her genes come from?? Her parents. They're hereditary by definition.

Her discs were tied to Limbo, yes. But her armor is a manifestation of her magic that she learned how to use in Limbo and was also derived apparently a side effect from her status she gained when she defeated Belasco. It would be like saying learning to drive is a hereditary attribute. It is something she learned on her own and was a consequence of something she did, whether she was apart of the Rasputin family or not, I mean, Margali Szardos was able to manifest armor when she took on Magiks identity...... OMG!! maybe she is secretly apart of the Rasputin family?? It more likely had to do with the fact she defeated Belasco for the throne just like IIyana did.

and no, I wasn't there for her creation...I have just read New Mutants where it is constantly implied that her armor is a result of her Darkchylde persona.

I think equating an individuals apparent dislike for a character as a possible indication of the direction of another's hatred is a reasonable assumption. Bendis has said he hates Colossus on multiple occasions and my attempts to follow your logic as a possible reflection of his is a mature and rational train of thought. Not that it's necessarily accurate but it's a possibility. Thank you.

The ability to drive is affected by genes however. If you're born without arms or legs then driving becomes an almost impossible task. Perhaps it's better to say that heredity in the form of genetics provides the basic physical capability to drive or not. If you don't have those genes you're almost certain to never drive. In the same sense who is to say that her genetics don't make her attuned to magic or make it easier for her than someone without those genetic traits?

Furthermore, given the details inside of Bloodlines I believe it's safe to say that an affinity to magic has indeed been handed down to her, skipping her immediate father due to his genetic makeup. (since it was along those lines that they are descended.) On top of that, Illyana's Darkchylde persona seems to reflect the madness that consumed Gregory Rasputin and grows more powerful with the decrease in the number of descendants. That looks like a pretty strong connection to me. Add to that the training and abuse she suffered and you have a perfect storm of nature and nurture to produce a very powerful sorceress.

Why you find this so difficult to believe or unacceptable to see connections between siblings is what I'm trying to understand.

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Actually, the relationship that destroyed Peter and Kittys relationship was the one Pete had in Secret Wars, which was Jim Shooters doing due to him feeling Kitty and Peters relationship was little, uh, controversial. His child came from a relationship he had with a girl during the John Byrne/Claremont run which was further elaborated upon in Classic X-Men. Way before he met Kitty. I'm betting this is also why Bendis hates him along with all the other simpering Kitty fans on tumblr that despise him as some kind of pedophile which he never was. (He refused the relationship because she was too young)

As for his son, I do think it is interesting he has an illegitimate kid, and maybe that kid will join the X-Men one day or be a champion of the Savage Land one day....or maybe he will turn out to be like Pavel Rasputin from Next X-Men or whatever that series was called but I just don't think Colossus is really that detrimental to that kids growth. The kid would be his own character. I agree, I don't think he's detrimental to his growth in any way. Which is to say he's not harmful to his growth. Pavel was supposed to be Peter's son and Piotr's grandson.

I think the whole relation to the Rasputins pulling their powers from another dimension is kind of silly as well. (Like how Cyclops and Havoc pull their powers from another dimension?) Colossus metal form effects magical beings because Claremont was a huge fan of fantasy, and usually in fantasy stories metal, specifically types of Iron (or silver) are usually the primary weakness of magic or magic wielders. No different from when Longshot was on the team and his blades would effect magical doesn't mean he had any connection to any mystical realms or anything like that. His metal is supposed to be an organic thing that changes his from flesh to metal in a burst of energy.

Also, Magiks armor was (believed to be) just due to her magical training initially. It wasn't anything that was hereditary, it was just a side effect of her connection to Limbo and also seems to be more related to her Darkchylde persona as the ruler of's not really meant to be because of her Rasputin heritage (were you there for their creation? How can you say this?). Though, I guess that stuff is canon now, so, it doesn't matter what I say...still, I think it is a bit contrived. Mmm, no. it's tied to her mutant abilities like her disks and mutant abilities come from?? Mutated genes. Her genes come from?? Her parents. They're hereditary by definition.

Since you seem to have a deep seated dislike for Colossus, perhaps your views more closely resemble the pathological hatred Bendis has for big Russian farm boys.

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Bendis doesn't like any X-Men other than Kitty.

true but there is this by bendis

What in God's name is this?

That's Bendis being a douche and basically telling fans of any of those characters to go F&*% themselves.

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Have you ever read Bloodlines? That four issue miniseries based on the Rasputin family actually opened up a lot of further questions about his family, their curse, their past, etc. What happened to that when Illyana came back? What about his son in the savage lands? There is a lot more to him and a lot that could be written. His lack of feats and the way a lot of writers job him I lay at the writers feet themselves.

I have read Bloodlines, and the fact that book exists kind of belabors my point: Colossus was kind of boring and they needed something to reinvigorate him.

Also, personally, I am not a fan of when they give characters these weird destinies and prophetic connections to things out of the blue. An example is the Court of Owls story in Batman, they made Dick Grayson have this legacy relating back to a 19th century Gotham secret society, or when they have a character be the child of powerful parents that he never knew he had or some thing like that. I don't mind Colossus being a distant ancestor of the actual Rasputin, just as I am sure Black Widow is meant to be an ancestor of Romanov, but I think him having some sort of mystical connection to him is just kind of frivolous.

I just want to make it clear that I am not saying that Colossus does not have the potential to be interesting, that of course, depends on the writer. I would actually gladly read about him over 80% of other X-Men characters. I just unfortunately think he is one of those characters that ran his course a long time ago. The same could be said for a lot of X-Men characters. It is just that Marvel editorial doesn't want things to change that drastically due to familiarity.

There are other things about him and his family that writers have ignored that make him interesting that most people aren't aware of or seemingly never put the pieces together.

For one, his son. He's one of the few x-men not named summers or Magneto to have to have any children. That was established a long time ago in an editorial decision to try and separate him and Kitty. That familial connection could be explored considering the kid has to be hitting puberty by now and should be showing signs of any mutation, not to mention how it would affect the dynamics of the group if he were to show up one day.

His siblings. Both of which can teleport to other dimensions and Piotr's metal comes from another dimension. Add to that, Illyana's armor seems to be made of a similar metal and there's a whole realm of connections there. What's in this other dimension? Why is it connected to all of these Rasputin children?

I don't feel bloodlines was out of the blue, especially with sinister being involved with the x-men ala Maddie and the like. In fact it keeps in line with that as well. Since there are at least four members of that bloodline still alive and the continuation of the line essentially stamps out the prophecy being fulfilled, I think he should be trying to make more kids.... so he needs another love interest. lol. Ok, joking...kindof.

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You need another option, none of the above. I haven't watched any of the animated shows and have no intention of doing so.