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And Celeste/Tyke might be actually good

That would be a total Fry is his own grandpa kind of thing. I could imagine the prologue

"Young Cyclops was forced from his time period into the modern day future where he has sparked a relationship with the clone daughter of his older self's ex-girlfriend."

Maybe that is how Ruby was born. It was never Emma, but Celeste all along!

Did Bendis make good on his Magik/Colossus promise?

What promise?

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When do you predict on the X-Men coming back together again? I think it will be 2 more years before they reunite with each other.

We can't count on them keeping the writers for two years, it all depends on that as it's been shown that the editors are no longer in control of the direction it's all headed. I hope it's in less than two years but if Bendis sticks around that long, it'll be longer than that.

On the plus side, having them separated isn't all bad. It does allow more freedom to tell stories without worry that it will affect another book. I'd be just as happy with that kind of arrangement, where a schism remains but they just stop affecting each other and allow the books to branch in different directions.

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Bendis is here to stay though, so don't worry.

I think I just threw up a little.

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The revolution should begin for reals by 2020, I'm positive about it.

lol no longer XP

Unfortunately, yes. Cyclops might either die or go full-blown villain after AXIS.

is the good guys turning bad and vise versa happens at the end of axis????? Also since the O5(since they were in a different universe) are not affected by AXIS they will be the layla miller of this time?????

Im not familiar with who Layla Miller is. And one of the good guys turned bad is supposed to remain that way permanently. Read the Solicits for December. Its gonna turn out to be BAD for the X-Franchise and Cyclops in general.

Layla miller is the girl from HoM that remembered how life was before house of M happened and made everyone else remember(luke cage, wolverine, emma frost, scott summers, etc)

Ah ok thx. Yeah I guess ANXM are in the hands of Bendis so they're safe. Unfortunately Remender getting his hands on Cyclops = Disaster for the X-Men. His whole Assimilation bull**** and the way he completely destroyed Havok shows that nothing good for the X-Franchise will come out of this event.

if all the good guys turn evil and vice versa that means emma frost would be good, lol......just a twist maybe

Isn't it just a rip off of DC's Forever Evil then?

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Upset that someone changed everything Bendis wrote? You mean like how he ignores other writers works? Nah, let it all burn at this point.

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Isn't Logan in the process of becoming worm food right now?

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they did work together in uncanny x-men vol 2 but they seemed boring. no wonder bendis doesnt want colossus on his team when everyone is begging him to be put in uncanny

Yeah, I don't think Bendis cares about other writers or what they've written before. His fear/hatred comes from somewhere else. He "hates him like Indiana Jones hates snakes" which is pathological in nature (though who knows why) and given his response, I'd just as soon never have him write Piotr.

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I think people are missing the "mama" part.

Mama that's clear?

Ah. I thought you were asking about her becoming a mother, literally. Otherwise, yes she's hot.

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Can anyone tell me where Storm supposedly picked up Thor's hammer? I'm looking for the actual book reference. (Not the Asgard War series where Loki has the dwarves make a replica of the hammer.) I realize it may be in this thread somewhere but that's a lot of pages to dig through.

Hes still holding it though..he said "what?" so my guess is, he probably wasn't looking for it to move..but we don't really know for sure what happened.

Ahh, thank you.

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Eh, I'm giving them a chance but it's wearing thin. Besides, my family has a lot of drama, much like the x-men.