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The Defiler

Nufai is an agent of the powerful Zolkri Hierarchy, a vast intergalactic Empire ruled by a species that humans commonly refer to as the Greys in UFO lore. The Hierarchy's influence spans multiple galaxies, and it's considered a superpower on the cosmic scene, a fact that it makes use of very well. The Hierarchy's economy is fueled by the wholesale strip mining of entire planets to provide ever more raw materials for their industrial machine, and their lack of compunction with doing this to inhabited planets has earned them a reputation of being quite merciless.

The fact that their legends openly boast about the fact that many millenia ago, their species was saved from inevitable destruction by the benevolent Masari who gave them the technology they needed to survive, and then promptly used this technology to obliterate the overwhelming majority of the Masari race doesn't help either. Finally, the Zolkri, as they call themselves, have an attitude of superiority towards all other species, regarding others as beneath them to justify their standard practice of wiping out entire civilizations just to strip mine their worlds.

That being said, the Zolkri were a largely pragmatic species and if a species or individual had something to offer them and wished to join, they would allow them to become part of the Hierarchy, though they would still strip their planets to the bone. Nufai was one of these individuals. A general in the military of the species known as the Skinwalkers, who had a history best described as "nightmarish" in the sheer number of atrocities their kind had committed and fiendishly advanced technology, Nufai was there when the Hierarchy came to destroy his kind's civilization to access their resources.

Nufai, betrayer of his own kind, the dagger of the hierarchy

Frustrated by the Skinwalkers' ferocity and advanced technology, the Hierarchy harvesting fleets were getting bogged down in Skinwalker space and were preparing for a long, grinding war of attrition, one that they would inevitably win with their own highly advanced technology, powerful psionics, and vast reserves of manpower and military-industrial capacity, but it would not be cheap in terms of either resources or time expended. Sensing that he was likely doomed to die in a slow, brutal war of attrition and that there was simply more room for advancement within the ranks of the Hierarchy, Nufai approached the Hierarchy with a deal.

He would have his soldiers turn on his kind and give them the weaknesses in his nation's defenses in return for allowing the Skinwalkers loyal to him to continue to live, in service to the Hierarchy. The Zolkri agreed to the bargain in a heartbeat, sensing a way to quickly end the war so that harvesting operations could begin. Nufai proceeded to drive a dagger deep into the heart of his own kind, sabotaging the Skinwalker Dominion's defenses and allowing the Hierarchy to overrun them all for his own personal gain.

To Nufai, this was simply a logical continuation of the typically cutthroat nature of Skinwalker politics, which were always rife with backstabbing and internecine conflict and plotting. Betrayal was a way of life for the Skinwalkers, whose violently competitive habits developed from living on a world where resources were scarce and the best way to ensure that one had enough to live on to see the next day was to kill off the competition. While a human would have seen this as abhorrent treason, to Nufai, it was just another day.

Nufai and those skinwalkers loyal to him would become commanders in the Hierarchy military, where their natural talent for stealth and sabotage would be put to use, infiltrating and scouting out other planets to asses and weaken their defenses before joining the Hierarchy's full military operation when the Harvester fleet arrived to purify the world, acting like Commandos do on Earth based militaries. Additionally, Nufai's predilection for technology earned him a place as a very high ranking engineer and technician as well as a cyberware hacker.

He has gained the moniker of defiler due to his incredible amorality, even by Skinwalker standards. Though not sadistic, he cares for nothing but advancing himself and gaining more power. The things he has done in the pursuit of saving his own skin and getting himself more personal power are the stuff of nightmares, there is no line he will not cross, no boundary he will not break, and no rule he will not violate in the pursuit of his own self advancement.


Height: Twelve feet tall in his typical hunched over, bent-knee stance, can stand much taller were he to straighten himself out.

Mass: 1000 lbs

Hair colour: N/A

Skin tone: Light Grey-blue

Eye colour: Yellow/Glowing Red, no pupils.

Affiliation: The Hierarchy

Age: Unknown.


Nufai above all, is an opportunist and a survivalist. He only remains in the Hierarchy because the Zolkri control perhaps the most powerful nation-state in the universe, combining hyper advanced technology with an empire that spans thousands of galaxies. This means if he can get high in the Zolkri's organization, he can get very far. But ultimately, he's selfish in the extreme, and thought nothing of selling out his entire species for his own personal benefit. Additionally, the one thing he cares more about than advancing his lot in life is surviving, and if the risk of death outweighs the potential benefits of an opportunity, he will turn it down out of hand. Nufai is not truly evil, he's simply following what is natural for his species, which is to be extremely selfish and self serving. He's renown across the Galaxy for being a massive coward, his name being synonymous with the term traitor in many languages.

Powers and abilities

Superstrength and Durability: Skinwalkers are significantly stronger than humans, Nufai registers as over class one hundred in both strength and durability, likely enhanced beyond regular Skinwalker levels due to radiation induced mutative enhancements. He has been seen hefting objects weighing thousands of tons with ease. However his physical strength is connected to his willpower.

Camouflage: Like a chameleon or Octopus, Nufai can rapidly change the color and visual texture of his skin to match his environment to give him near invisibility.

Fast and agile: Nufai is capable of running at great speeds, though just how great has never been tested, and he has reflexes quick enough to dodge minigun barrages.

Psionics: Nufai specializes in telepathic areas of psinics, primarily concerning himself with creating fear, distrust, and creating hallucinations and illusions,

Natural weaponry: Nufai has extremely sharp and long claws, easily capable of eviscerating most armour, and can unfurl tendrils to yank down flying enemies or pull in far away ones up close. He also has a fearsome bite with his radial maw.

Regenerative powers: Nufai has a healing factor quick enough to be combat useful, far greater than wolverine speeds. Exposure to ionizing radiation speeds up his healing factor greatly though. He is capable of regenerating lost limbs, though decapitating him will kill him.

Alien immunities: Earthly diseases such as Viruses do not affect Nufai due to his vastly different bio-chemistry and radioactive metabolism. Certain poisons can still be debilitating to him though, however his Healing factor, given time will counter most any poison. Additionally, his species can respirate in space and underwater through an unknown process.

Fighting skills: Nufai is extremely skilled in melee combat, though his style is obviously unlike anything a human would make use of due to his vastly different body structure.

Stealthy: Nufai is very skilled in the arts of stealth and subterfuge, and is capable of sneaking up on virtually anyone.

Intelligent: Nufai did not rise to the position of commander by being stupid, and posseses a quite keen intellect, especially when it comes to military and engineering related subjects

Good with machines: Nufai has a natural gift with working with technology and can be trusted to operate virtually any machine, no matter how complicated.

Shapeshifting: Nufai is capable of assuming the shapes of other beings, though he needs a genetic sample of what he's turning into, he can always revert back to skinwalker form without trouble though. Typically the genetic sample is provided by killing and eating the subject. Once he has the sample, he has the target's memories as well and can mimic them nearly flawlessly given enough practice. He also uses his ability to absorb memories to rapidly assimilate information.


Phase suit: Nufai wears a special harness on his body that lets him turn intangilable to bypass large amounts of enemy fire and make himself invisible. He cannot attack if he's completely intangilable and he can only remain phased out for a few minutes before the suit needs a half second recharge. Additionally, the suit can unfurl turbines to allow Nufai to fly at great speeds with considerable agility. The suit is also incredibly tough, being made out of an alloy similar to that used in Viktor's creation, though it only covers his torso as Nufai disdains power armour and doesn't want to be slown down by wearing too much protective equipment.

Phase claws: Nufai's claws are equipped with phase shifters made of a specially reinforced version of the alloy used for his phase suit. These shifters have generators completely independent of his suit, and he can phase shift his claws to allow him to penetrate armour he ordinarily wouldn't be able to, then solidifying the tips to remain capable of slicing his targets. This is frequently used against heavily armoured targets to reach their more vulnerable insides.


Cold: Nufai's species cannot tolerate low temperatures very well, and his disdaining of coverings only enhances his issue with low temperature.

Decapitation: The one part of the body his species cannot regenerate from the loss of is the head, cutting off Nufai's head will kill him.

Cowardly: Skinwalkers have a very well developed sense of self preservation, if a fight seems to be turning against him he always prefers to cut and run rather than sticking around to try and see if he can turn the tide. Additionally, if one can threaten his life convincingly, he will virtually always give the demander what they want.

Ultrasound: As a skinwalker can hear more frequencies than humans, noises inaudible to other species can be heard by him, this means that say, a dog whistle, is excruciatingly painful due to it's volume and will typically have him convulsing in agony..