Recomended Indie Writers

Here are my favorite writers in no particular order with my favorate reads. If you have any recommendations of their work please tell me.

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Posted by feebadger

G. Willow Wilson. Great choice and one of the most fascinating people working in comics today. Loved the list (though yet to be fully convinced of Warren Ellis' greatness).

Posted by Nuec_Sol

@feebadger: Thanks for checking the List out.

I do not know when G. Willow Wilson wiil work on another comic, but when see does I will definitely check it out. Have you read much Warren Ellis' work?

Posted by feebadger

@Nuec_Sol: I haven't read as much as i would probably like. Have read a lot of his mainstream stuff as it's more readily available. Wasn't a huge fan of Transmetropolitan though it definitely had its moments. I look forward to reading his newer online comics as i've heard great things about them. I think he's a really good writer but i guess i'm waiting to get to a certain point with his work where i can see that quality that others seem to have already seen when they praise him so highly, you know what i mean?