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I've got to go with Quasar, all I can think is puncturing Major Force's skin/suit and it's over.

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If you want backgrounds on the members of GotG then;

Rocket Raccoon (85) (early/origin of rocket raccoon)

Infinity Gauntlet (91) (because it is major back story to all cosmic marvel titles)

Warlock and the Infinity Watch (92) (has early Gamora, Drax, Moondragon and Warlock)

GotG (90) (this is what i read first when i was a kid, so it was nice to see it revived, even though it was a different team, then again Major Victory was in there, which was awesome)

Annihilation (06) (and sub comics) (this is the lead up to their formation)

Annihilation Conquest (08) (and sub comics) (again lead up to formation of current team)

GotG (08) (the current team, and what you will see in the movie, or something like it)

War of Kings (09) (cross over)

Thanos Imperative (10) (cross over, and climax to the GotG series)

and maybe these (they work up to the Annihilation wave and it's some back story);

Drax the Destroyer (05)

Thanos (03)

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Collecting in general has many fluctuations. If it's comics, stamps or even antiques, there are always highs and lows, and some lows can last a long time. There will be a day when comics may rise up in prices, but I doubt it will be any day soon. But you don't collect to make money you collect to have something you love.

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I'm going to go with Magic, mainly because it deals with alternate realms and dimensions, and in theory a sorcerer could sit in an alternate realm and still do some pretty heavy damage, while a psychic would need them to be in the same reality. I could be wrong, mainly because each case is different. But if it were a straight fight against a sorcerer and a psychic, like Doctor Strange, Zatana or John Constantine, then its a matter of how fast a spell or enchantment can be performed before the psychic figures it out, because psychics are basically instantaneous (i.e. Legion, Jean Grey). I just view it this way, we all know what happened with the Scarlet Witch.

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Have to go with the blue, mainly nostalgia, but it just looks better to me.

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Justice Like Lightning! But may be it's in reference to Thunderstrike. Ya that's a long shot.

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Love the whole KINGDOM COME line, recently picked up the Flash and I just love it.

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To me Jason was like the prodigal son. There is a lot of things he has done that the others don't agree with, but in the end I think Bruce and the others would still accept him back into the family if he ever came back.

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I just wish all the properties would got back to Marvel Studios, because they have shown they can make great movies, while FOX really hasn't done anything worth note. Maybe let FOX have the darker characters, but FF and the Xmen should be with Marvel.

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With High Moon Studios involved im sold