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Layla Miller, you shouldn't need any other reason.

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Can't wait for this. Wasn't sure if it would be worth picking up issue 1 but man am I glad I did. Love the concept, and it's full of mystery, so you're hooked in to see what will happen next.

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I fully support Cyclops and the path he has chosen. Sure to some he may seem like a terrorist, but he's in a world that would rather let his species die then help. So the actions he's takening are fully justified. If the world was out to kill your friends and family would you go get a lawyer and play by their bias rules? No, you take it into your own hands. And I don't see people complaining about the Punisher and him doing anything he views as right. He's saving lives and doing so outside the law, and he's solving the crime problem.

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This is the X title I've been waiting for since Uncanny X-Men ended. Maybe it's amplified powers, at least I hope. I'd love to see Cyclops closer to his brothers in power levels. And maybe they will add a few more "villains" to this extinction team.

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That's a huge let down. I thought they had a totally different cover for each state. Just when I thought they were being creative they do this.

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It won't be anywhere near as good. When you take away the dark from dark magic you just get old plain magic. And like they mentioned it will have to be a PG version, which is not even close to how Constantine acts. The whole book is about blood sex and magic, and all your going to leave him with is a tamed down magic. I'll read the first few issues to see where it is going (since I'm already buy Hellblazer anyways, so it's no extra to my pull list), but if they throw away his past and Epiphany Greaves, I'm out. Nothing against Zatana (I'm really glad shes getting some face time for once) but to me Constantine is with Epiphany.

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This better be the Extinction Team. They were my favorites, all bundled into a team.

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You're almost talking about Earth-Three and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. Sure their roles are reversed, but their alignment to each other is still there. And the CSA (pretty much the JLA) annihilated the "heros" (in your case the villains).

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I say Moon Knight would fit pretty well. He's best when he's written dark, and insane. I can almost see him in a book like Hellblazer(ish). Working against crime, but dealing with a mystic element. Like his first appearance in Werewolf by Night, and Khonshu. Also you could bring in Bushman for some heavy psychological thrills. Actually, Morpheus could be good with Vertigo too. He's always been asking for some better series. And the MAX series has characters that would be great to take into a Vertigo setting. i.e. The Hood, Simon Garth, Werewolf by Night, Punisher, Man-Thing (mind you they had Swamp Thing), Hellstorm, maybe even Howard the Duck (that's a real maybe). Oh, also Brother Voodoo.

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Ya, the whole reason for me looking in here was because of me living in Ontario. Good to see some love for this kind of obscure plant/flower.

But either way sounds like a great title to pick up. I'll make sure to give it a chance.