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Aqua-Wow! 0

I never knew Aquaman was so incredibly amazing! Jeoff Johns writing and Ivan Reis artwork come together really really well in this second issue and I love that it is getting incredibly violent and that Mera isn't the typical helpless girl, she definitely holds her own.My favorite thing about this series so far is that Johns has touched on all the stereo-types or cliches of Aquaman and then shows you how this is not that character--and yet controls the dialogue well enough-to sometimes play up th...

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Batman Rejuvinated! 0

This is hands-down the Best Batman animated movie I have ever seen (to date)! If you are a Bat-Fan then you must see this! This movie has a little bit of everything. It starts off with a bang and ends with one as well.But aside from the obvious it delves deep into the emotional side of Bruce Wayne and his relationships with past sidekicks. It hits some very sore points and you get to see his inner struggle "come to life". This is not your typical "Oh there's the Bat-Signal" Batman goes and talks...

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Batman + Green Lantern = The Start of Something Awesome!! 0

It is the kickoff of something fantastic!   The comic league of Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Geoff Johns has done justice to the first issue.  The veteran team proves why they are at the top of their professions.  The story starts out with a bat-bang and keeps you well entertained, but at the same time doesn't rush to take you along too fast and it does not confuse the reader with too many story lines.  It is just masterful and I see why Johns was the people's choice winner for storytelling.  The...

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We're goin' a little Old School! 0

This is a compilation of all the first appearances of Ras Al'Ghul ("The Demon's Head").  You get to see how Ras came into Batman's life and although it is definitely a little dated it is still a good read for any Bat Fan (it shocked me that I could tell from the clothes and haircuts--just when the comic was made!)!  Neal Adams is one of my all time favorite artists (check out the covers he did for Batman 227 or 232)  and Denny O'Neil is a legendary writer/editor for DC (They are responsible for ...

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Lee and Loeb doing what they do best!!! 0

This is the cumulative efforts of the best in the business---!  Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee target their skills in this thriller and prove why they are "masters"!  The story is so good it is hard to put down and the artwork gives the characters life like you have not seen before!  For anyone into Graphic Novels this is a must!  And if you know any Batman fans--make sure they pick this up---otherwise tear up their Official Batman Membership Fan Club card!...

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Batman at his best! 0

Darwyn Cooke knows great storytelling and he shows it off in this book in all the right ways.  The story explores Batman's purpose for existence in the modern age.  It shows the vulnerability of Batman and the mistakes he makes.  Darwyn is a master illustrator!   For Batman fans or people who are interested in getting into Batman.  This is a must read!  My favorite Batman stories to date! ...

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Religion in Comics 0

Dare I get... "preachy"?  Get it!?  haha--Okay, but seriously!  This is a comic that takes on a lot of obvious religious themes and then twists them 180 degree.   The story is complex, but easy to follow and read.  Ron Marz did a masterful job writing and Stjepan Sejic's artwork brings in another level of complexity--but together-- it is TPB heaven!  Fans of Darkness, Magdalena, and Witchblade should unite for this great read!  This is one of my recent faves.    And remember--just because it has...

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Fantastically Dark 0

Despite the 3D rendered cover---the inside artwork is Fantastic and the story is short but oh so dark creepy and bitterly twisted.  I love it!   If you are a fan of very disturbing comics with unforgiving characters this short read is a must!   Even though this mini series is brief---each story is handled with care and each story leaves the imagination open to so many possibilities.  ...

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Fun read! 0

I am a sucker for Batman, Harley Quinn or the Joker but this book has all three!  The story is well written, well constructed and easy to read (but that is because Dini and Timm make it look easy)!  I passed this book around at work and everyone seemed to like it a lot!  It really brings another level of complexity for all three characters involved.  And it shows what good storytelling-Timm and Dini are capable of!  RECOMMEND IT TO FRIENDS!!    ...

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