What are your Favorite Covers?

I've been collecting comics a while now and I have a lot of favorite covers! A lot hang on my walls--and I want to change things up and add a few new ones. So I wanna know your faves---Please List your top favorites below and Thanks for the help!

3 of my favorites are

Catwoman: When in Rome: Tuesday (Tim Sale()

Batman 227 (Neil Adams remake of Detective comics issue 31)

Final Crisis #6

some of my other faves include

Fables #4

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #4 of 8

I also really like Detective Comics 227 (Neal Adams), 380 and 150

Amazing Spider-Man 623 (Jusko Variant)

Strange Tales 52 (Joe Sinnott)

Now, let me know your faves!?

here is a link to some awesome art pics for Batman if anyone is interested


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 Spider-Woman #7 - The most beautiful artwork Alex Maleev has ever designed; graceful and elegant
Posted by jhazzroucher

There's just a lot but let me give you 3 of them.

Posted by nszerdy

@jhazzroucher: Thanks for the post--I love those last 2--the third is one of Turner's best ever!!

@RainEffect: That is fantastic--thank you for the post!

Posted by jhazzroucher

here's more.

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Posted by moywar700
DC Relaunch
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Almost anything Tim Bradstreet does.

Posted by nszerdy

@moywar700: The Xmen is just a classic cover--and the Harley Quinn is M-A-Zinnnnng! Amazing!

Posted by moywar700

Yes yes yes

Posted by NX


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This cover just makes him look so badass

Posted by nszerdy

@ZombieBigfoot: wow--nice call--I've seen his stuff before but those are great!

@Commisar123: nice addition--thanks for the feedback!

Punisher MAX: Hot Rods Of Death #1
Posted by nszerdy


Posted by DoomDoomDoom
Posted by Eternal19

i dont know why i like this cover so much. but, i just do

Posted by TheCerealKillz
Posted by TheBigRedCheese
Posted by gunmetalgrey

I can't do just 3.. so I'll put in 5.

In no particular order:

Posted by nszerdy

@TheBigRedCheese: Classic Alex Ross Kingdom Come, and a lot of Fables covers are fantastic--I love that artist

@gunmetalgrey: OMG those are sick!! Thanks for posting! Chris Bachalo, Dustin Nguyen, and Adam Hughes are fantastic cover artists and another Fables cover!

@TheCerealKillz: So cool! Any idea what cover that joker is from--I love that?

@RainEffect: I've gotta get that SpiderWoman 7-- It's fantastic!

@DoomDoomDoom: Oh how I wish I could afford ALL STAR COMICS #3!

Here are some more

Posted by TheBigRedCheese

@nszerdy: There's so many amazing Fables covers I had trouble choosing just one.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

@nszerdy: Oh how I wish I could afford the original as well, I only own it in the "Famous First Editions" format.

Posted by nszerdy

@DoomDoomDoom: Yeah I got the Batman 1 of Famous firsts---It's still a great collectible though and a great cover! Here's another cover I love!

Posted by Twentyfive
Too many Hitlers...
Posted by nszerdy

@Twentyfive: Fantastic artist!! Kinda reminds me of Kenneth Rocafort's stuff------The artist's name is John Upchurch--Hope I get to see more from him!

Posted by Twentyfive

@nszerdy: Wow. You are right. Nice artist you brought too.I hope to see more of him too.

Posted by nszerdy

@gunmetalgrey: Here are some more Nguyen covers I thought you might like!

Posted by rico_3088

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5 more:

Posted by TheCannon
Posted by nszerdy

@gunmetalgrey: Those first 2 are killer! Journey Into Mystery and Scottie Young! Gotta get those to hang on my wall!

here are some more Young's

And a few others

Posted by nszerdy

@TheCannon: Dr. Doom looking epic-that storm outfit is great too!

@rico_3088: Classic Mark Bagley Spiderman Venom cover--nice!

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@nszerdy: The recent Journey Into Mystery covers were done by Stephanie Hans.

She also did this one which I like quite a bit as well:

She's tied as my favorite female comic artist with Jo Chen who does the best Runaways covers:

Runaways #25
Posted by nszerdy

@gunmetalgrey: That Firestar cover is breathtaking!

Posted by nszerdy

some Awesome covers by Adam Hughes!

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my favorites no particular order

always love the hellblazer comics cover, but when i saw it i fell in love, love it

almost all the team-up issues covers

just because

always love this one

omg i forget this one

Posted by nszerdy

@ArtGamer: Fantastic--- The Deadpool is another Skottie Young! And the "Peace" cover with Wolverine--is great! And the Van Gogh Wolverine--is hilariously awesome! Great Covers and thanks for posting all of these!

Here are 3 more covers by Bachalo that are real stand-outs!

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@nszerdy: skottie young is an awesome artist i love his alternatives x-babies covers

this one is another favorite

and i don't now what issue is this variant, he just put it in his deviantart and love it

and i'm just checking my collection and this one came out

Posted by nszerdy


Wolverine 82 was done by Joe Kubert and his son----2 fantastic artists! And Skottie young is just great--his non cover work is just as great too!

Here are 3 more covers by Artgerm

Posted by nszerdy

@gunmetalgrey: I see what you mean about Runaways!

Posted by TheCerealKillz


It's from Detective Comics 880. It's so creepy but so awesome.

Posted by cosmicallyaware1

wow, this is tough. There are soooooo many to choose from, any norrow it down to. I'm gonna start w/ classic covers.

Posted by gunmetalgrey

One of the few things I regret not getting when I had the chance:

Scarlet #2 (David Mack variant)
Posted by nszerdy

@TheCerealKillz: agreed--it's awesome!

@gunmetalgrey: That is Mega Cool! I gotta look that artist up--I know the name but need to familiarize myself more with his work!

@cosmicallyaware1: A lot of classic Dark Phoenix saga issues--and Days of Future Past---Great stories by Claremont--and classic but great covers by John Byrne! I love issue 142 as well! I'm trying to get most of these on ebay!

Here are a couple more I love

by JH Williams III, Alex Ross

and Tony Daniels

Posted by gunmetalgrey

The Daytripper covers by Gabriel Bá are just surreal:

Posted by Mega_spidey01
cloak & dagger
DC universe presents #14
new dark avengers
Posted by Mega_spidey01
fantastic four
Posted by nszerdy

@Mega_spidey01: I love the cover with all the little Carnages attacking---Sickness! Some great Spider Covers--thanks for posting! That looks like a Bachalo Deadpool cover--It's Fantastic! That Cloak and Dagger is nice!

@gunmetalgrey: Very cool covers! Totally Different but great!

Posted by nszerdy
Posted by Bernicky

ye boy

Namor: The First Mutant #1
Namor: The First Mutant #4
Posted by nszerdy

@Bernicky: Those have gotta be the best Jae Lee covers I've ever seen--these are definitely after he went through his transformation--in terms of his style after he did the Dark Tower series!!! Really nice---thanks for posting!

Here are some more I found--that are amazing!

This is from Batman Europa

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