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@nszerdy: That is really cool. Good work :)

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@coolguyr99: Thanks!

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@nszerdy: Sweet. Nice work as usual!

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you're great dude!

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Dude I would so read this!!

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Mega cool!

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@Decept-O: Thank you sir!

@UnderDogs_OverBoard: Thank you!

@htb106: Mega Thanks!

@Guardiandevil83: Thanks

Thanks for the Love People!

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@nszerdy: LOVE LOVE LOVE!

ahahaha ^^

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@UnderDogs_OverBoard: haha--Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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@nszerdy: if we love you do we get free i-phones?

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@UnderDogs_OverBoard: Sure, you just have to pick it up!

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Took one of the best lines in the movie and made it into a cover...awsome! I especialy like how yov have shaded Hulks hand, very good.

Posted by Guardiandevil83

no problem your dope.

Posted by nszerdy

@Mr_Winchester: Thanks--I like that hand too---I could have spent more time on the whole thing--to take it to that next level--but I only charged the guy 30.oo so I had to let it go.

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HAHAH! I don`t know why I laugh when I see something like that.


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@nszerdy: cool

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@The Poet: Thank you!