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That looks pretty awesome! :D

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Wow, it looks fantastic. Reminds me of Coraline, and the colors look really professional and well-done.

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Looking forward to reading the book. The video introduction looks amazing. The art and colouring looks amazing. Another graphic novel to add to my ever-growing list of reads.

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Wow. Four years? I admire your dedication.

The art looks awesome. :)

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Wow the art looks simply amazing and the story sounds great!! But how could it not with so much of your time invested in it! :O you must be proud as hell!

I'm really looking forward to it ^_^ you definitely peaked my interest!

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Looks amazing. If I ever have any spare cash I'll back it for the PDF as it looks amazing. Good job, you're really talented person.

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@nszerdy said:

@battle_forum_junkie: Yeah, it's my first--I've done 6 kids books in the past but this was my own endeavor and I had to do EVERYTHING--colors, inking, letting, pencils! And thanks for the kind words!

Cool! wouldn't judge by the avatar that you did children's books. :P

No problem. they where well deserved, I'm sure.

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I have no idea how that happened! XD

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Congratulations man! :)

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Holy crap, that cover... (If it's too ambiguous, that's a good "holy crap." A really good one.)

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@nszerdy: I've seen this style of art before. Did you have any inspiration from any particular artist when you were drawing this graphic novel?

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Incredible.. I really wish I could do something like that.. Good work!

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This is fantastic.

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Looks Epic.

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This is gorgeous.

If I can find a way to scrape together the dough, I'll definitely back.

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Awesome art

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@akbogert: Awesome! If not, I do a lot of comic conventions!

@pyrogram: Thanks Pyrogram (love the name)!

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Excellent news, congratulations! This is stunning, such a distinctive style to the art....really, I am completely wowed right now. I wish you the best of luck in getting it out there, and finding the attention your work clearly deserves <3

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As fortune would have it, I got a brief contract over the last couple weeks which paid decently, and recalled this project just in time.

Short version: absolutely backed.

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Congratulations I envy you XP.

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As someone who works to enter the graphic novel industry myself one day, I'll support/buy this. Congradulations!

(Oh, I noticed you've got double your Kickstarter goal. Well done!)

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