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I came. (Kids, this means I just showed up in the thread, and am impressed. It's grown-up slang.)

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That is stunning, amazing and beautiful :O

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This is gorgeous! Dude, I've seen some of your work and it's brilliant. You should show a couple of your drawings to some comic companies.

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that looks awesome. have you done any other character?

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Very pretty --- soft yet vibrant. Amazing.

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That's amazing! How long did it take?

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@nszerdy: That's fantastic work. I like it a lot, very nice. I like how the background is depicted as being blurred to give the sense of movement. Supergirl looks great. Nice one!

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Wow! That's absolutely gorgeous (the picture I mean)!

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@The_jackolantern: Thanks --12-16 hours total.

@Joygirl: Thanks for the grown-up slang Joygirl it is appreciated!

@Aiden Cross: Thanks!

@tomlikesfries: Thank you!

@theTimeStreamer: I've done a lot of Harley Quinn, Batman, Catwoman, Robin, etc they're on my site www.nathanszerdyart.com

@lykopis: Thanks!

@Decept-O: As always--thank you sir!

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Thank you!

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This is absolutely...

I love this so much. Amazing really.

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Wow, beautiful. Very nice work.

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@Raiiyn: Thanks!

@Press Oblivion: Thanks man!

@Kal'smahboi: Thank you!

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I don`t like that costume that much. But, doesn`t matter.

Very great.

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Just amazing! Good job!

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@crestfallen: Thanks you!

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Thanks

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Pretty cool

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That's way awesome work. O.O

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Always Awesome

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@Joygirl said:

I came. (Kids, this means I just showed up in the thread, and am impressed. It's grown-up slang.)

the female creature lies...

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@dondave: Thanks dondave!

@WillPayton: Thanks willpayton!

@Target_X: Thank you!

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Cool Supergirl :D

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@kiss_lamia: Thanks again!

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Very professional. In fact its better than a lot of "professionals" working today. How long did it take you?

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@nszerdy: today i sit down and saw your paintings!Incredible, man good work!

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brilliantly gorgous.

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Excellent work man!

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It's really impressive and I like it a lot. However, I can't help but play devil's advocate and offer a little constructive criticism, because to me it looks to me as though Supergirl is suffering from Liefeld Feet Syndrome (or LFS.) That's my only complaint. Okay I'm done with that....now back to the praise everyone!

P.S. If it makes you feel any better, I draw like a 4 year old with Cerebral palsy.

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And I missed this?!

Freakin' fantastic, man!

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@scuzz2.0: Thanks that really means a lot--it's hard to get into this business as is--so that really means a lot--it took 2 solid days and then I stepped back and tweeked it--on and off--for a few more days after.

@GODofART: Thanks!

@JakeN7: Oh lord--Liefelds Captain America was hilarious--The one with the chest sticking out 10times too far! Haha--but thanks for the constructive criticism--I will confess I worked more on the upper body--I can always tweek the feet but I am happy with it for now.

@ARMIV2: Thank you sir!

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That is amazing!

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@MrDirector786: Thank you MrDirector786!

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@nszerdy: excellent!

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@laflux: Thanks!

@evilvegeta74: Thank you!

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Awesome dude, though it does look a little like Power Girl in a Supergirl costume, just judging from the...you know...."bust."

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looks great !
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@depinrock3587: Thanks!

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It's lovely. Your command of perspective and color are great, as well as the sense of motion that the slight motion-blurring of the background lends to it.

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This is possibly the best I have seen on this site!