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Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

they're really good

Posted by ARMIV2

Both of which are fantastic!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

that's awesome

Posted by Trodorne

This looks fantastic, great work done on it.

Posted by BumpyBoo

Great work! I really like these, she looks fantastic - the top one in particular reminds me a little of Jessica Rabbit :D Thank you for sharing these!

Posted by nszerdy

@BumpyBoo: Thanks! Love Jessica Rabbit!

@Trodorne: Thanks!

@Jonny_Anonymous: Thank you!

@ARMIV2: Thanks!

@TheAmazingImmortalMan: Thank you!

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Awesome! You capture the volume of the human body amazingly man

Posted by nszerdy

@Mercy_: Thanks Mercy!

@Om4zd: Thanks that means a lot!

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Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Man, Catwoman has a butt that just won't quit! Great work!

Posted by nszerdy

@Doctor!!!!!: Thanks Doc!

Posted by Press Oblivion

yup, great stuff!

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@Press Oblivion: Thanks again!

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These are absolutely stunning!

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@WarGoddess: And thank you again!

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These are really cool. Unique style.

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@longbowhunter: Hey, thanks for the praise!

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@dondave: Thanks again dondave!

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Meow Purrfect pictures looool :P

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@kiss_lamia: Haha--nice---!