Is Dan Didio good for DC?

With all of this New 52 jazz, I've seen a lot of complaining, I like some of it, but I kind of feel like a majority of the books have fallen short of expectations. This begs the question, if DC isn't really delivering the best of the best, and if Dan Didio is in charge, how can he be good for the company? Am I missing something, or does anybody else think that someone better should take the reigns from here?


I liked the idea of the New 52 unlike a lot of people, but I thought it was something totally different. I thought it was a reboot. A fresh start for non-comic readers to jump in and dive into the characters of DC. I was wrong obviously and now after reading my favorite books I see no point of it. All it does is confuse the hell out of a lot of people and messes with everything that we use to know and love. Some characters have changed for the best sure, but others have fallen completely on their faces. What makes me more angry is that this relaunch thing is probably not even permanent. The sales are starting to plateau and it's only a matter of time until they fall again. And when that fall happens, i'm willing to bet that DC will come up with some lame ass event that changes everything back.

So no... I don't think he did good.

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New 52 is terrible. 

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

No. New 52 is terrible.


Posted by The Stegman

I like the New 52 but not Didio

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I hate the idea of the reboot...sure some of the books are great but all of the good books could have been done without the reboot....besides the fact that some of my favorite characters are either completely different or nonexistent I think the thing that upsets me the most is the fact that the reboot wasn't even a complete reboot...some characters got completely rebooted while others are just confusing as heck...some events happened but some didn't and the ones that did happen didn't happen the way that we remember them happening...I wish that they had never rebooted at all but since they did they should have started everything over at ground zero....Batman, Green Lantern, Superman...all of them back to origin stories....sure that means that a lot more characters would disappear but at least then we wouldn't be confused all the dang time and they could reintroduce all of the legacy characters in time

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@danhimself: Agreed, while I do love some of the stories the reboot tells, like you said, it could have been done without the reboot, now continuity is a mess, kinda seems like DC is just makin' this stuff up as they go along.
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@The Stegman: that's exactly what they're doing...all of their reboots are complete failures in the aspect that they fail at what they were setting out to do and that was to make it easier for new readers to jump in but all they end up doing is screwing their continuity up even further making it hard for even long time readers to know what the heck is going on