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Man of Steel is still my favourite with Winter Soldier being a close second. Batman Begins follows up to to that. Best Batman film around.

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Most reasonable and/or logical conclusion; Batman would break whatever part of his limbs he uses to attack Superman. I like how they handled that in Hush.

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@pyrogram said:

@raiiyn: Most professional bodybuilders don't even eat much meat, it's a horrible protein source. Whey protein is what they have, that, and other supplements.


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Zimmer without a doubt. Emotion in a plethora of ranges.

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@nox_arc: Nice breakdown. One interesting thing to note is that in environments with little gravity (such as the moon) the Guardians still seem to be able to perform how they usually do instead of floating around, which would require superhuman physicality.

Thank you. Also fair to note, every location you visit in Destiny is terraformed, hence the gravity.

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Actually Slott's Spider-man has two of the strongest feats Parker has ever performed. Holding up a plane and ripping through six, 1 metre thick carbonadium tentacles at the same time. Heck during the Superior run he decked (an arguably weakened) Namor and managed to get both Thor and Hulk to notice his strength when they restrained him.

So actually Slott's Spider-man in terms of feats is the strongest. Especially if you throw in his martial arts training.

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You have to be more specific than this. What's the gear they start out with? Is it a one on one or a team battle? Who is involved?

Considering Destiny is extremely limited in its lore, the Guardians do seem to be quite tough and make up for a lack of physicality with additional "gifts". Warlocks with Nova's in their Voidwalker class. Titans with Smash, Hunters with a gunslinger class chosen. It's safe to say they are more diverse than the Spartans but it also seems that they are severely outmatched in terms of tech diversity and sheer power.

I'd still rank the weaponry and armour several points above what we've seen out of Destiny. If we consider the Halo lore, the Spartans hilariously outrank Guardians in terms of physicals. Moving so fast that everything around them moves in slow motion, dubbed as "Spartan time" by the fastest of them all (Kelly-087). Lifting multiple times their own weight (without armour) and that was only after augmentation at fourteen years of age. Reflexes naturally ten times faster than the average human and only continually growing as they became accustomed to their augmentation. Dodged point blank shots post augmentation. Speed allows them to run at spurts of 40+ km/h.

All of this was immediately post augmentation and as mentioned by their CO Mendez to the SPARTAN-II program director (Dr.Halsey), their skills will only continue to improve as they age and become more accustomed. In the MJOLNIR armour, their reflexes are amped by a factor of five and their physicals doubled. The most decorated SPARTAN-II, Master Chief, was capable of "wiping" out a platoon of marines and sprinting over 60 MPH in a training exercise. His feats only grow from there.

So honestly, it's just a matter of differentiating how we want to compare gameplay feats from Destiny to the truckload of lore coming from Halo.

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She's obviously one of the strongest heroes in the New 52. On Earth, right behind Superman, Manhunter and maybe even Shazam.

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@nickzambuto: How could you be so sure that another member of his rogues gallery wouldn't be as impactful if they weren't given a comparable amount of spotlight. It's also fair to mention that a lot of the characters were poorly represented or just briefly touched upon.

The proof is in the pudding. Just look at the movies, the games, the shows, and the comics themselves -- the best Batman stories always have the Joker as the main antagonist.

I respect that opinion but I don't think it's entirely universal. I'm not saying that Joker isn't a great villain, I just believe if a member of his rogues gallery was given an equal opportunity to sit in the spotlight, it'd be a different story.

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I think I'll go with Shazam/Captain Marvel.