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@thebhramabull It was Goyer who said it, not Snyder. He laughed when asked the question who would win between the two.

@entropy_aegis Are you saying Affleck cannot get abs or that Batfleck has no abs?

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Cap wins rounds one and two easily when he takes it seriously. He takes Oliver's head off with the shield in round 3.

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I don't think Chris is going to give up Cap so lightly after his 6 film contract. Especially with how successful this one seems to be turning out. And those statements about him quitting were taken out of context apparently

"I said I directed last year and I really responded to it; I really enjoyed it and I'd love to focus a little more on that... By no means am I planning on retiring. It's kind of a silly statement."

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@rogueshadow Watch the scene again dude. Rumlow tosses a wide swing at Steve to which the arm gets caught, then Rumlow uses his other stun rod to tag Steve on the left of his body. He gets pushed back and repeats. I'm not saying that it wasn't impressive that he managed to pull it off, just that I doubt he'd be able to do it with just one stun rod, or make a difference whatsoever unarmed. Same goes for when he was stuck to the wall. Steve knocks him back and attacks him from an angle to which he can't reach. Each hit from the stun rods clearly slowed Steve down for a couple of seconds. That's more than can be said from anything else that happened in that scene.

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@rogueshadow Agreed, Cap definitely has an advantage in every category over Rumlow and in any other circumstance, it would grant him an almost identical outcome to what happened with Batroc. Like I said last time, I just believe that Rumlow had a preliminary advantage due to his gear and the whole assault presumably being led by him in attempts to weaken Cap, hence the stun rods, magnetic cuffs, etc. While I find him holding his own rather impressive, I clearly have a different standpoint to how he managed to tag Cap. In fact, I feel that if he didn't have dual stun rods, it would've went differently but it was impressive nonetheless that he managed to counter a strike as a distraction to tag Steve with the other hand.

I have no problem admitting that Rumlow is indeed probably the most skilled Shield agent outside of Natasha.

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Ugh, am I the only one who doesn't care for Sharon? I was rooting for Natasha and Steve to hit it off the entire film. MAKE IT HAPPEN MARVEL!

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@rogueshadow No you are correct once again my friend, the only point I am trying to make here is that the stun rods cause him more direct physical discomfort and slowed him down the most at a critical moment compared to every other fight he was in. My aim was not to downplay Rumlow here in the slightest, I was just merely enjoying our back and forth after I saw you make a comment saying the he was the best combatant. But yet again, I do have to both agree and disagree with you. Both were hampered to a degree yes, but at a majority, Rumlow had the advantage in numbers and gear for the entire duration of the fight. Rumlow is incredibly skilled, I do accept that no problem, I just don't believe he's exactly close to the level of Cap, Bucky or Widow.

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@rogueshadow I'm calling out his physicals because you keep referencing how Bucky was knocking him around. I think it perfectly attributed to this discussion as it relates to how the situation in which Cap fought off the agents and Rumlow. Yes, he was damaged by the missile. It took him a decent amount of time to recover and he was completely disoriented but other than that, he wasn't externally harmed in the slightest is what I'm getting at.

My point is your comparison between Bucky's fight with Cap, both of which were in far more open areas than where Cap engaged Rumlow in, and that allowed for Steve to fight better and more naturally. Being unarmed in a compact space against someone with dual foot long electric rods is a lot different than fighting someone in an area which allows you to fight unrestrained to say the least.

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@rogueshadow You are right, they are significantly weaker than Steve but he was still largely outnumbered and overpowered at first. He fought against those magnetic gauntlets to keep his arms free while stuck in a chokehold and was restrained or beat on by everyone else. Clearly yes, it didn't slow him down much but he was clearly affected by the multiple hits from the stun rods, which he eventually grew tired off and ridiculed everyone around him one way or another. Are you saying that Rumlow is a more efficient fighter than Bucky? That's what I'm getting from your statement to be honest and I apologize if I'm wrong.

How were they not? They clearly caused him physical discomfort and knocked out the other agents in a single blow when he redirected them. Also, Steve had no room to maneuver against Rumlow while he had all the room he needed against Batroc. Steve has shown quite well during TWS that his damage soak to damage is ridiculous in general as he survived being blown back off a bridge and into a moving bus without any signs of real external damage aside from being disoriented. He survived falling a ridiculous height out of that elevator and straight onto concrete, dropping off at least fifty metres and rolling away with no problem at the end of the film, getting stabbed and still defeating Bucky, and surviving the drop out of the Quinjet at easily over a hundred metres into the ocean without a parachute.

We saw more direct discomfort, maybe because it was more frequent, from the stun rods than almost all of the above mentioned, especially the knife wound from Bucky using his augmented arm no less.

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@rogueshadow Which I agree with. Cap got angry and slammed him into the ceiling, but it was also under different circumstances in my opinion. He just finished wiping out nearly a dozen agents after being pinned into the wall, wailed on and hit by stun rods. In addition, a few of the guys who attacked Steve were much larger and one even had him in a chokehold. Alongside Rumlow, at least one of the other guys was a highly trained operative that worked alongside Cap and Widow at the beginning of the film.

But yes, I do agree that the stun rods are more efficient than the kicks but they're also at least a foot in length making it easier for someone with Rumlow's skill and training, in addition to environment, to tag Steve.