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I have a slight OCD problem and I didnt have a character with a name that started with a N

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@Mercy_ said:


Fck me

Dear god.


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@Boanerges: thanks

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@Kratesis: IDK why I did it, I have Spidy in my head

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@Boanerges: thanks

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@Rated_R_Superstah: ( As Connor)

He chuckled to Kristof's rant to the woman, wondering just how hairy this was about to get.

(As Nowai)

With a smile he led her to a table off in the distance, away from the screaming crowds and the adoring fans. His men stood out of earshot so the two were truly alone "My...benefactor saw your brilliant display tonight and would like to graciously ask for you to come with us. Not for anything nasty I assure you, we have special needs for people like us. People who know how to hand any given situation. Do I have your attention or no? If you are not interested I will leave this table, and never ask again. BUT if you are, than a world full of even more fun than you had tonight is at your fingertips."

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Finally navigating the crowd Jono finds the one called Paper Monkey, slowly closing in behind her he stands inches from her. He knew she knew of his presence but he chose still to give a loud cough to get her attention. "I saw you tonight, may I buy you a drink. I wish to speak with you about a delicate matter."

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@Abacha_Cavat: "Charming? How ye know very little of my talents my brother, I shall have the Paper Monkey within our league by days end." Snapping his fingers and all the Giza surround him in an instant barracading him from anything outside. As he searches through the crowds the Paper Monkey is nowhere to be found, but he knows shes still within the arena. The Giza have yet to see her leave, so he continues his search for her.

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@Abacha_Cavat: Nodding to Abacha he leaned back in his seat, looking across the arena he say a Roho gesture behind him. Impero had arrived and was making his way into the crowd. Jono was paid to keep Abacha safe, he knew that if anything happened in this place it would be quite the spectacle. He drummed the arm rest beside him drawing the small vibration coming from his movements, along with the movements of every foot stomp and every scream. He could sense all the vibrations in the room, the women next to Abacha their breathing and the vibrations of their vocal chords as they screamed an fawned over Abacha. A smirk came to Jono's face as he felt the power fill him he sat an waited nodding to his men across the arena. Slowly they filled the entrances and exits with men, making it even more difficult for Impero to escape if he decides to do something foolish.

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@Abacha_Cavat: Jono walked down the steps to this underground Arena, his Roho za Giza walking behind him. they were not close enough to spit on him, but close enough to be a threat if anything should happen. He wore a hat that seemed to be out of 50's era moviedome. Dressed in a long sleeved white Armani he slinked through the crowds. A man clad in Damir Doma set in his sites, holding his hand up so that his Ghosts would see they stopped. He pointed to each entrance to the Arena, seconds later Roho za Giza covered each entrance and exit. Stepping through the crowd on the stairs he made his way behind the man dressed even more so than he, sliding a hand behind the mans neck he.....slowly put his hand to his shoulder.

Leaning forward he whispered into his ear "The crowds are of the normal type, some meta's but they are scarce. De Roho za Giza are set up at the entrance's and the exits, I decided to enjoy the show with you. Make sure that expensive gear you dressed in doesn't get scratched." Sarcasm foamed from his mouth as he spoke about Abacha's get up