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Moving quickly behind her he knew that the coming days would be full of grief and misery for those unlike himself. A wide smile came to his face as he remembered meeting Envy a few weeks ago

Three Weeks ago

"Chu meen to tel meh, dat I get payd to kill peeple no questins ask?" Jono was a smart man when it came to keeping himself alive, but beyond that he knew very little. His speech showed this, and unless it came to survival it was lost to him. After speaking out of turn Envy told him of there mission, and how he had heard of the brutal ways Jono had killed and dispatched any who wished to taunt him in any shape. Jono smiled wide and stood, showing off his voodoo garb and his long tooth necklace chattered as he strode closer to Envy. Looking him up and down he spoke "Offa me mo dan dhe wee ones chu got and chu got cha mahn."

Smiling wide a long set of teeth shown, his own teeth sharpened to tips for an even more menacing appearance. Envy nodded only briefly before stepping aside and presenting Jono with a gift, it was a full body suit. One that constantly blasted a copius amount of music at low and bass amped music, the vibrations would shake Jono's body constantly. So he was constantly in motion, therefore constantly vibrating, a feat that would make his own powers even more powerful.


They came to a screeching halt as she tossed him the detonator and continued to arm the device. Catching the detonator he scoffed "Miz lovely parts, vat we do now is up to us. I dont tink we gona be bawdad wiff noffin." He hoped no one would come down and bother the two, so that they could easily be in an out and back with the group. He hated the close quarters of the subway but the mission needed to be done, these damn fools he called them needed to be taught a lesson.

(Leaving the rest up to ya Laila/Envy. Said Id post and I did, sorry again bud you can move him all you want just dont kill em lol)

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Doing pretty good man

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BTW the inner mono, was weirdly superb bro loved it. Totally forgot to say what i loved and that was it. Def different seeing you write this way and its really cool.

Cant wait for part three

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YES!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

I got a concept ill be putting up tonight to give people more character creation ideas, ill hit u up with it when i do.

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Ill be whatava you want baby

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@dark_desire: I KNOW CANT FREAKING WAIT. Rewatching the episodes now actually so i can be ready for new season without me going wait wtf happen?

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I win