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@tenjin: Ill kick your ass gladly

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@encriptor: @_envy_: Chuckling at the revelation of who or what the woman truly was he mocks "Ta I ere dat you neva care vat dhey are as long as dhey got a hole to poke." Slapping Envy's back he moves to his side and away from the robot that quickly makes its presence known high above the duo. Jono whispers "Paleez tell meh dhat mr roboto aint wiff us now?"

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The sounds of gunfire erupt through the ears of villagers, the screams of children and women fill the air. But all he can hear is the sounds of the music reverberating through his eardrums, holding a chain of bullets as they fly through the air and into bodies. A war has erupted in a small village, Jono unleashes a onslaught of bullets and maniacal laughter that fills the air and bodies all around him. "Dats vat chu motha fookas geet!!!! Viva la Mutation!!!" Almost able to hear his own voice over the music in his ears, he drops the gun without a second thought as it empties the barrel and chain. Moving through the village and attacking all who try to stop him or even worse try to kill the children of the village. A small little village filled with mutant children, many Jono's own siblings if not own offspring.Moving fast as he can he swings around and thrusts his arms out while he screams loud, using the vibrations from his vocal chords to manipulate he channels the energies through his arms and outwards.

Two long waves of energy fly outwards, swarming over a group of militia they vibrate so harshly that there eyeballs and teeth shatter and burst. Screams reverberate through the village as he laughs with an intense and almost terrifying laughter. His voice booming "Dats vat I meen, beetches leev an tel dhe leadas dat dhis is moi villa! Anytwon who cum eher gunna die jus lik dhez fools. BEETCH ASS!!!!"

Watching american television for nearly his whole life, he believes this is how the americans speak. An he loves everything about the United States, but little did he know that soon a man from the States would come to him and make him the point man of something that will revolutionize the world.

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His suit tingles as the vibrations of the people walking all around him fill it to capacity, a smile appears on his face as he nods to Envy. "Da cho."A statement in his own language that said "Right" he moved beside Envy and began to move through the crowd with Envy at his side. For all his unintelligent speech, he was a very intelligent man. So Jono moved and spoke to Envy in a way the others had never seen, in an intelligent tone. "Vat are ve gunna do now? Dhis place is mot curtan a plass for us to live, bat nat a plass for us to strangthan our cawz."His speech unintelligent but his words having meaning behind them he moved to the side and allowed for a citizen to move past him. She was a beautiful woman, beautiful for such a dank and depraved place. A wink went to Envy as he snapped his fingers creating an even better vibration of sound and using the energy to blow her skirt up showing off her perfectly round ass.

"Cum on chere, cum bak ova heer and cum viff meee."She turned around cheeks flushed red and flipped him off.

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Yeah was rushed a bit I'll admit

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Loving this will have something up this weekend

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I dig this

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Jono moves through the crowd searching for his new "leader" a wicked smile appears as he pats his palm, creating a vibration throughout his body. Using the vibration and letting it ping out from his body, he is quickly able to locate Envy. Using the vibrations and how they bounce off everything, like a form of echolocation he follows the same frequency that Envy gives off. There meeting weeks ago had left a definite imprint on his mind. Finally coming up to him he barks "Waf chu dooin now mistah Envee?"

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