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145776 Thor Character Overview All of these additions can be found in Issue 9 of Thor's current title. 07/12/13 12:36AM 33 Approved
943 A Cat Can Look At A King… Issue Overview Basic synopsis of this issue. Needed to have a proper conclusion to this series. 03/27/13 01:23AM 426 Approved
921 The Moorbecx Communique! Issue Overview I added the basic synopsis of this issue. 03/26/13 11:52PM 164 Approved
889 For Duty, For Honor, For Country! Issue Overview Added the basic synopsis of this issue. 03/26/13 11:12PM 147 Approved
848 Black Panther: Cry the Accursed Country Issue Overview The white ape, panthers antagonist in this issue. Mendinao is key because he stays at the side of the black panther through this turmoil of the whole series, and Mendinao has served the panther god for years, even before T'Challa. 03/26/13 10:24PM 83 Approved