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Considering the Russos made what many consider the best CBM yet in TWS, I think this storyline with the bigger cast has a chance to definitely top that

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Vision stomps.

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Ultron.....wasn't bad at all......

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Ya'll are out of your minds. Ultron was fantabulous.

Mandarin was... a guy named Trevor.

The Mandarin was Trevor....

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What the actual fu*k, people are saying Ultron was bad? What the actual flying fu*k.

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@psychopsychology: "Scream and your entire staff dies" Cutting off that guys arm who gave him the vibranium. Beating up Thor single handedly. Being able to be anywhere at once. He was pretty threatening to me.

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Ultron was an awesome villain.

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WOW! Thats absolutely atrocious....

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@strawhatluffy: "No, it's not

Racism is based on sociopolitical position. Black people have never had the power to subjugate white people. "Black racism" is only limited to name calling, which is meanlingless.

Let's not play dumb. White people only want to use the word again because they want an excuse to be racist like they could in the past. Now that that crap isn't politically correct, they have to find new and creative ways to do it

white people kill me with this BS argument"

Thank you for saving my time in dealing with this topic. Perfectly put.

My question is, as a white person, knowledgeable of the history behind the word, and connotations it implies, why would you WANT to say it? Assuming you're not racist....

Oh and to answer the question, no you can not say it. The fact that you WANT to say it throws all kinds of red flags to begin with.

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My problem with the "dark and edgy" police is that they somehow think darkness is good, and humor is bad? Making someone laugh is the hardest thing to do as a director, just look up the ratings for Paul Blart Mall cop 2. And I love humor, now granted there's legitimately funny and welcomed humor (like this), and then there's darcy in Thor TDW. But overall, please realize that not everyone prefers edginess.

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@_mongul said:

@novi_homines: The general public are not smart.

Justin Bieber has some of the highest sales of all time in music.

Not only the general public, the small group of critics as well. I love the action in MoS, but it was so dry. There's nothing about it that gives it personality. It takes all of the fun out of the concept of "superheroes".

And the general public also likes TDK, and Daredevil, and Toy Story, etc. You get my point.

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Lol this is absolutely hilarious. This thread had me worried, but no, it works extremely well. The dryness of dc films will always keep it a step behind in the eyes of the public. Get a sense of humor people. Dark and brooding is not something everyone enjoys. The critical reception of MoS proved that.

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Is less fun to watch so I guess that's what makes DC more "adult-toned" than Marvel.

I think this might be the most logical answer yet.