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After the ending of Cap 3 with bucky, he's definitely the most worthy one out of the others.

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It's a 9.1 on IMDB, and still a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

That alone warrants me to see it.

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Absolutely blew me away!! I was NOT expecting this from AoU. Ultron, and the soundtrack just fit so perfectly.

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So with Edgar Wright leaving, Marvel is in search for a new director. Who do you think would be the best fit to direct the movie? Pitch it to us, and hopefully marvel if they're watching.

Here's a director I saw someone suggest, that I believe would work PERFECTLY as a fit with Ant Man.

Peter Berg

Work: Hancock, The Rundown, Lone Survivor.

The first of two which showcases his ability to blend humor and action amazingly well.

Honorable Mention

Matthew Vaughn

- Kick Ass, First Class

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@ccraft said:

@novi_homines: Superman hasn't earned it? Lets see, Superman turned himself in to the people of Earth when Zod demanded it, Superman let the choice be the humans if they are to turn him in to Zod or don't. Superman finds out Zod was planning genocide and so he returns to Earth to save it. That's why the people will love him, he sacrificed himself for the humans, and he saved the world. He's earned it.

He hasn't. Lol, he had a brawl with a superbeing in the center of probably the most populated place on earth, destroying tons of buildings and killing people in the process. He saved people from something that happened on account of him being there in the first place. And to top it all off, he snapped someones neck in public. So no, he hasn't earned it, and he certainly isn't "inspiring" anyone with his actions. I guess we just disagree.

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@feartheliving said:

Wait did she even put on any weight? She looks the same.

She's not going to put on any significant weight. I think people need to begin to start accepting her as is.

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@ccraft said:

@novi_homines: TASM the whole city was not helping him, he saved that kid and the father got his construction buddies to move those cranes for Spidey, lame scene as well, he was considered a criminal up until the very end of the film. As for Cap I didn't mean to add him, but he was really only an inspiration to his troops, Cap had to earn it, and then he was honored after his death. My point was that none of these heroes were loved or inspired people when they first put on the suit they had to earn it, but Superman is expected to out of no where? People feared Superman because Zod was threatening Earth, now that Superman saved the world people are going to love him.

Regardless of why it happened, those other construction workers CHOSE to help spiderman. He told them exactly who he was doing it for, and they agreed to help spidey. So the circumstances don't really matter. But that's not significant. Cap was an inspiration not only to his troops, but to the entire army as well as all of America once his story got out. You really don't have a case against this one. Its pretty cut and dry.

And my point is, he never EARNED it, as you agree to, yet the film acts as though he DID earn it. And no, people aren't going to love him because he saved the earth from his own kind. The people of earth will either want him subdued, or gone from the planet. Who in their right mind would proclaim someone a hero for saving people from something he was responsible for in the first place?