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Urgh i have no hope for this. Remender is a good writer but his MarvelNow! stuff has been lacking what made him great on Uncanny X-Force and Fear Agent.

The Red Skull who hates mutants, has made himself a mutant so he can use another mutant to rid the world of mutants (again). He has also recruited a group of superhuman called the S-Men who are implied by in Uncanny Avengers to be.... mutants!

The fact the humans looked up to every other superhero except mutants is marvel's elephant in the room. Much like the awful Avengers vs X-Men... why would you want to draw attention it?

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Who knows what lame Z lists threats the bland A-Team of Shield will face this year before eventually being cancelled in time for Avengers 2.

Defiantly A Guardian of Galaxy villain in time for its DVD release?

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Did you given these for free for review purposes?

I cannot imagine anyone thinking these are worth £14.99 per statue for that lackluster detail.

you may aswell go out and buy lego marvel superheroes, you don't need to spend waste your time and money on statues to get the most of the game because Lego Marvel Superheroes comes with all the characters you could want instead of the ones Disney/Marvel Execs have the movie rights to.

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I'm so out of sync with this series fell behind around issue 15. DC needs to put out the trades of First and Second Acts now.

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I've pretty much forgotten most of it, even the soundtrack (Maybe because I've already heard all the music growing up from my parents, so I wasn't exposed to for first time like some people).
The only thing I clearly remember from it was that it was another macguffin plot.

It just another Instant Gratification Marvel Film, fun but forgettable in long term.

I suspect most people are most likely only remembering/hyping it more now is because its the end of the blockbuster season. The film is made for casual blockbluster audience who move from blockbluster to blockbuster film, but here what's gonna replace it in the audience mind? nothing for a while. (that also explains why its still number 1 in cinema's - little competition. Secondly on the internet you've got that short term tumblr gif/Meme expressionism, but again that will also fade pretty quickly when something comes along to replace (maybe Doctor Who/Sherlock etc).

Better Question: If GoG 2 comes out in start/Middle of crowded blockbuster summer will it have the same impact on the audience?

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Good news all round!
As great as he was in Iron man 1, all that character growth and charm was for nothing after every film since then has made him making him to an egotistical jerk. A great actor completely wasted by poor direction from the studio,directors and writers. A good director would reel him in, keep him focused, controlled and tone him down. It feels like Marvel and Favreau don't get why people like Iron Man 1 or the idea that less is more. Honestly, Downey Jr remains the least appealing thing about Avengers 2. at least the Ruffalo, johansson and evans acting will out shine him like they did original Avengers.

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First thing i'd do if i got control of the x-men franchise is have it reveal emma frost had been brainwashing him. then have her and stepford cuckoo killed by cyclops.

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@feedonatreefrog: Nah i think your confusing this with Captain Marvel, Loki, Young Avengers and She-Hulk. those are comics written for people on tumblr to re-post.

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@wheatstalker: ha ha no i've just got my degree in law and working on getting my PHD in it.

but also I am your long lost cousin and my father pasted away and he wants you his nephew to have estate, please send your bank details to

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the legal jargon has pretty inaccurate through out the series.

Soule is literally doing one of the oldest legal trick, use language that lay people won't understand to make it seems harder then it is and you as the solicitor/barrister know what your doing, because you need to make the client think they need your service. I wasn't fooled by it, but then I'm in the profession, as result I found it a lot less enjoyable, neither really succeeding as either superhero comic or a legal drama. 3/5 the book would be better taking a lesson from Dan slott (oh god I'm regarding dan slott) approach to legal stuff: Gloss over it or make it silly.