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@arturocalakayvee: Probably the Ultimate Universe because marvel have pretty much killed with repeat beatings from writers like Jeph Loeb, Sam Humpheries and Joshua Hale Failkov. Also Marvel once said if the universe ever crossed it signed they had officially ran out of ideas and now bendis is obsessed with having the universes cross over. So there's literally no point keeping it, which is shame because it was so brilliantly ahead of it time in its first 5 years, Literally influenced so much of marvel media portfolio.

However, Age of Ultron was supposed to be summer event of 2012, until marvel at last minute abandoned it and had bendis re-write the ending. Avengers vs X-men was rushed together and Marvel Now re-launch of most of the portfolio still happened as planned. One can only assume that Age of Ultron was going to be like flash point and reboot the Marvel Universe until marvel cold feet (can you blame them after Heroes Reborn). Maybe Hickman is going new 52 the marvel universe Crisis on Infinite earths style.

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@shadowswordmaster: no it was meant to be ongoing. the original series announcement said it was ongoing.

When marvel cancelled it they and creative team said it was always meant to be a mini-series as way of covering it up the fact it was cancelled. Despite their clear intention for it be a ongoing. Maybe if marvel had done more to support it , it may of continues for a longer period (most likely 13 issues, which is average number of issues a war machine on-going series tends to last). Same was done with Ultimate FF, announced as an ongoing, poor sales after first 3 issues, suddenly marvel say its a limited series. If it had always been intended to be limited series the original announcement would of said so like Winter Solider the Bitter March did.

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Kind of bummed that Hickman had to incorporate Thor without mjolnir and Old Man Cap just for marvel sales gimmick.Definitely concerned given how a lot of its built around Captain America vs Iron Man in ideological war for the avengers heart and soul in mist of the end of Marvel Universe. while captain america as a old man I just cannot see it being as exciting.

Marvel are abusing diversity for short term sales boasts. First the announcement is made to get main stream publicity, which in turn causes none comic book readers be fooled into think this a major moment and therefore of collectable value. This leads to sales boast for the first couple issues. Advertises pay more to get there adds in these first couple of issues because of high demand. Then the sales decline like always and then Marvel need another marketing boast so they return to status quo which you guarantee will be sync with the release of Avengers 2 just like Superior Spider-man was in time with The Amazing Spider-man 2.

If Marvel really cared about diversity they would be giving more marketing support to Storm, Mighty Avengers, She Hulk and Captain Marvel etc. They gave no support Iron Patriot series then stealth cancelled a week before claiming they where all about increasing diversity in portfolio. Poor Mighty Avengers has been a series of tie-in's unable to craft its only identity. Right now Marvel are basically saying if your a Woman or African America (black as we say in the UK) your only good as a short term replacement to boast sales. It's also as depressing as Marvel fixation on having Professor X walk again.

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I just don't want to see the amazing spider man 3 at all!

the first two are bad. They belong in bargin bin with Fantastic Four, Batman & Robin and Iron man 3

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@inferiorego: I did read the article. However, I still think you should tell the truth instead of click baiting!

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The Strain MAY BE Renewed for A Second Season

FX hasn't announced it yet, but it looks as though fans will get to see a second season.

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Current arc of Avengers takes place after Original Sin. In which Thor has Mjolnir. Captain America is also young so it takes place before events in Captain America. In the latest issue of Captain America, Thor has Mjonir and captain america is a old man.

Also if you believe that after all thor has done over the years he can suddenly become unworthy by a few words then your pretty stupid.

My Guess last minute changes.

Marketing Execs at marvel had another one marvel famous "writers retreats" and told them they need a new gimmick to boast sales at the point of price rise. Marvel Marketing teams agree that using Diversity as gimmick to boast sales before reverting back to status quo in 2015. Both the introduction of Diversity and then subsequent replacement cause mass media attention which causes short term boast in sale from consumer who don't read comics but think this will be a big moment therefore have collectable value. as result writers are forced to make last minute additions/changes to their original story.

It really sad that Marvel uses diversity as gimmick to boast sales, its like saying to minority and woman "the only thing we think your good for is boast sales and getting mass media attention". Marvel has given characters like Storm, War Machine, Captain Marvel (Well they used to but now they have given up) and She-Hulk, little to no marketing. I like most readers want to see greater diversity but using Diversity as "short term replacements" is not the way to go about.

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This one issue creates so many continuity errors created by this issue with avengers and captain america. Avengersnow must been last minute marketing gimmick rather then a well thought plan to change the status quo.

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Franchise Fatigue will killed off all marvel films after avengers (maybe the whole super hero genre)

Then we can sit and wait for the Reboots faithful source material, complex and mature reboots

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@captainhoopla: because it doesn't signify the actually launch popularity of the series or long term consumer interest. truth be told, sale are only used to indicate readership. Readership is really all the matter since Marvel/DC won't be making enough money of sales (even with its price rise). Advertisement pay for nearly all print media, Advertises are forced to pay more for top selling comics. Price is dictates by publisher based on popularity.

However, here is where the artificial sales boast become important. Marvel's whole Marvel Now/All New Now/Death of X/Event practice is based creating pre-order to sales boasts for 1 issue one then using the figure to dictate in the contract the advertisement price for the next 6/12 months of that series, even if issue 2- Onwards faces a decline in sales.

Here with Rocket, Marvel has been very clever in manipulating consumer interest in this series. firstly there are ton of store incentive deals for ordering more then actual demand, using inflated pre-order figures to trick/convince advertisers to pay more adverts in this series. Secondly marvel agreed to Lootcrate deal knowing that it guarantees high pre-order figure by 100,000 (or 150,000 that has been also speculated) but also doesn't guarantee 100,000 readership, in fact odds are maybe 10% to 30% of the subscribers may still stick with series.

The advertises are getting ripped off by marvel manipulating the figures. at a time when print advertisement is on the decline, the result could be a squeeze on amount adverts as advertises become more wary of drastically small readership then marvel promises. The result could be that marvel starts shrinking its portfolio to adjust for loss of revenue caused by a drop in advertisements.