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3 issues in and I've had enough of this event. reeks of 90's marvel.

Just gonna keep on reading Hickmans avengers instead.

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@american_flag: I actually think its one of marvels better events if you read just the core book in Trade form.
House of M is a moral debate about whether it would be heroic to allow utopia to exist if you knew it was a lie. its similar to the concept of matrix. everyone gets what they want, everyone is happy, but wolverine knows the truth because his wish is double bladed sword, he gets to remember everything for the first time in his life and thus is able to remember true reality. what is the most heroic thing? to allow everyone to be happy or the truth. The writing is great and the art is brilliant. the core series is therefore one of the better marvel events.

the problem with House of M is three things:

1) the pacing is super slow from issue 2-5 in order to allow the world to build up and to explore the ethical debate (because its a debate that cannot be resolved by punching everything in sight all the time). As a trade the book your not forced to endure the wait between issues, thus the book flows better as a result.

2) This was made only worse by the tie-ins which also went nowhere and disputed the regular story lines. I think nearly every marvel title was affected by it, not just the avengers/x-men books.

3) the outcome. the illogical depowering of mutants. Marvel dug themselves into a hole by choosing to have certain character effected by the depowerment and others some how not effected.

For those I completely get why it resulting in people looking on the event in such a bad light. that said, if you complain the ideas explored in the main series to recent marvel events like AvX, Original Sin, Axis, fear itself etc you'll realise House of M explored them in vastly superior way.

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much like the idiots who thought there was gonna be an ultimate civil war at one point. just engage your brain you'll understand why it won't work. this is just internet click bate

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Guess Quill's confrontation with Thanos leads into this, glad to see it's going to have ramifications. This could be good(The parts written by Humphries & others); I dropped GOTG for one reason: Bendis. Nothing against the guy, but it just isn't his type of book. Big team books like GOTG & Avengers just aren't for him. A team of street-level characters, yes, not Earth's Mightiest Heroes or a ragtag team of cosmic adventurers. I've really been enjoying Legendary Star-Lord, picked up Rocket Raccoon & enjoyed it; actually these two & Bucky Barnes:The Winter Soldier are the only books I'm picking up from Marvel concurrently. (Gonna give Angela: Agent of Asgard a shot when it comes out.) Not too crazy about it tying into Captain Marvel & Nova; or even X-Men(seems to make it a little less cosmic with their involvement); I tried both CM & Nova, didn't work for me. And Bendis' GOTG is self-explanatory, I hate it because I do love all the characters in GOTG. The dialogue & lack of action is just too much. But I'll definitely pick up the LSL & RR parts. I miss the days of cosmic events like Annihilation- it'd be awesome if they made a new Annihilators series & tied it in, & maybe tied in Abnett's G3000(at least get get the D in DnA involved!), & I'd even accept BB:TWS with its new cosmic scope. Guess the only connection I'll have to this event is through Legendary Star-Lord & Rocket. As long as they don't screw them up, I'm cool.

wow I mean I get why you don't like Bendis GOG but man you shot yourself in foot by saying bendis can't handle big team books. Bendis helped turn around avengers which was shambles under Austen and decent but forgettable under Johns. People forget, avengers where not that popular in the early 2000's.

Bendis not only helped turned Avengers around but also turn in into marvel favorite team book after years of Mind blowing good X-Men Stories. Then he expanded the avenger portfolio into Mighty Avengers & New Avengers, Dark Avengers then Avengers & New Avengers. he also created Illuminati team Bendis also made Scarlet Witch one of most important characters in marvel universe. He did a lot of excellent work to promoted diversity by continuing his work on pulse to make Luke Cage one of best marvel characters out there instead of blaxploitation with out resorting to gimmicky replacements like marvel are doing now with Falcon/Cap and Girl Thor. He single handed promoted spider-woman and helped Reed promote Ms Marvel long before DeConnick begun the tumblr pandering Captain Marvel series. He made mistakes (every writer does) but I would't dare say big teams are not his strength.

The problem with the GOG run is that he has pander to idiots who leaped on the GOG bandwagon when the movie was announced and now the movie is out. People who boldly declare their love of star lord yet have no idea of the character bizarre past. People who ignored the excellent Abnett and Lanning run, people who don't like that run because their character there they've heard off or there's no awesome mix tape mentions or silly dancing etc. Bendis hands are tied by Marvel/Disney obsession with all things to all people franchises. Remember Disney are now trying to increase sections of the marvel portfolio to replace all the x-men, fantastic four books they are gonna get rid of in the years to come. I think bendis should probably leave GOG but I cannot imagine another writer doing any better with such restrictive controls set on them by marvel. Plus GOG isn't even that big of a team, everything with groot writes itself.

Maybe you should of said "bendis isn't that great a handling sc-fi concepts, he's better doing more ground interactions around the dinner table in avengers towers, then trying to pull that same trick in space"

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another sam humphries mess waiting to happen

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Well Im only excited because Hickman new-avengers/avengers run has been setting this up for ages... if it was any other writers i would't care

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@rubear: Did all mutants get re-powered or did new mutants get created to replace them? Marvel never explained. however, marvel spend 3 months explains how inhumans are discover their powers because they want use them as replacement x-men.

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this books a mess,

Uncanny Avenger has already been an inferior sequel to Uncanny x-Force but this is really dumb but at least it continued on Remenders arguments about why heroes don't kill. This is just Black and White villain versus heroes. I suspect Remender had little say on this project and that it was devised by a marketing team rather then actual writer.

the premise is dumb to being with red skull becomes a mutant to wipe out mutants using his and another mutants power to achieve mutant extinction via concentration camps (because obviously we would't understand the symbolism if he did in less obvious way)

but then dialogue and execution of so many ideas is really bad. I normally like Adam Kurberts art but this was bad, sloppy work.

so many illogical things to, I know its a comic but these are just so poorly explained by the narrative:

why is Falcon now the leader of the avengers and act exactly like the real captain america (except he can fly) Is that how becoming leader of the avengers works? What the point of replacing steve rogers if his replacement is just gonna act identical to him (again marvel abusing diversity as gimmick for sales rather then an actual care about promoting diversity in its books)

Why are just Cyclops & Genesis tired up in mutant camp with no context? When did they captured? the x-men genesis was staying if are not captured. Did Scott team not notice he was missing?

Why Does Havok attack magneto over the red skull?

Why does Red Skull/Onslaught incite hatred across the world but not mind control more then one person at a time that are right in front of him?

Did the avengers leave LA in the generic plant villains control?

Why does the focus of the book suddenly turn to iron man a character who didn't really have any significance to Uncanny X-Force or Uncanny Avengers.

Iron Man wiped his mind so how can the red skull know of his civil war weapons?

how did the red skull even make adamantium sentinels (This just 80's marvel ideas, X weapon is made Y tough material, which just happens to be tougher then previous version material)

did anyone else cringe at the Scott leap in the air "Nooooooo" take a bullet dive scene?

Oh god we've got 8 more issues of this non-sense, and we've not even got to the dumb hero's become villains visa versa gimmick part yet.

Another marvel event to make me feel even more disenfranchised with comics

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woah woah woah G-Man a Green Lantern isn't on the cover. but cyborg is and he's doesn't appear but you don't complain about him not being in it!

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I deeply enjoyed the this issue and sinister undertone (particularly in the bonus story). I just hope the DC don't restrain Scott like they did with Death of Family (the ending to that book would of been so good if the joker killed everyone but Alfred). There just a sense of tension and horror to this run, these are qualities that have made the new 52 main batman book vastly superior to Grant Morrison's good but messy run.

I also hope the Court of Owls/Thomas Jr are returning soon