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Could an event based in the Ultimate Universe...following out of Divided We Stand?

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Read the first issue and came to the conclusion i had when they announced it... it was a story that never needed to be told

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am i the only person who thought it was a bit cheesy and silly?

im not a big batman fan (in fact i've only been reading it since new 52) but this is like one of those silly comic book conventions and at the time seems good, but later on, it doesn't matter how you dress it up, just looks really dumb

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i hate this show... Every Trailer looks amazing, when you see the actually episodes you realise how bad it is. I want the Clone Wars Animated Cartoon back!

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@Redberry said:

lol, Batman is like Wolverine.

Super Popular with readers?

An excellent character with a lot depth in the hands of right writers?

An recognised character for new readers?

A Character with a lot of potential?

I have no problems with character being every where and having lots series.

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Actually Obama isn't the President in the ultimate universe. Its a completely fictional character. You see if you read Ultimate Avengers v New Ultimates, you'll see the president isn't obama, In most current ultimate titles (before his death) he's drawn in the shade so we never see him.

i don't think it matters anyway from an ideological point useing the Nimrods or firing all the nukes at the city does not make him any conservative or liberal in nature. To quote Howard MacMillian:

"Events, dear boy, events"

This means that at the end of the day ideological and political views means very little when it comes to rapidly changing events.

Also.... Back in old days, Millar portrayed Bush as being very pro mutant, which is something a republic would not be

Finally, if marvel wanted some favors from a republic government they would lobby them

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@Mr. Kamikaze: you cannot, Its a standalone thing. the option appears on the main menu, you are stuck following the liner mission. you cannot go explore it all

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@OptimusCline: im with you on this one, I have hope but im worried, especially because its suddenly going to some cross over story soon. I remember last time The Ultimate Marvel Editors gave a new writer an event... Ultimatum urgh Jeph Loeb you useless man