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is this like the first week of awesome art picks that hasn't featured the over rated skottie young

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i never really like him, i didn't really understand his mutation. like emma frost he was one of those mutants which made stop reading x-men

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pretty sure that wonder woman would be the only woman on earth how could actually survive having sex with superman. lois lane would need a hip replacement

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i wonder did these 2 stupid dc events still exist in the new 52

- JLApes

- Young Justice - Sins of Youth?

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as much i as i love the ultimates and i really do i wish the ultimate universe would avoid crossover events.

also now that it's ten years old, i think maybe they should reboot, start fresh (but keep miles as spidy)

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boy this is worse then fear itself (although the biggest problem with Fear Itself was endless tie in's rather then the main series). the seems to be no focus going in to it, too many writers, too many artists, the real issues this series could of focused on have been ignored for mindless shots of lots of heroes fighting.

issue 1 - good

issue 2-5 pointless

6 - excellent,

6-8 - More pointless space filling

9-10 - good

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just out of curiousity... how many times has marvel comics cancelled GOG or a similar cosmic based title due to poor readership? at moment marvel has no cosmic line right?

so why are they doing a movie about them (other then Disney want to have CGI talking raccoon to sell toys?)

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Ironman in a decent costume as opposed to that awful Orange and black one cap in his classic costume too

this title is a NOTMARVELNOW title and i like it

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if a new Memberis needed: Ms Marvel (cause the avengers needs more females) as a new comer she will help the audience understand the deep world already established in previous marvel films.


Count Nefaria as the villain. here is a corrupt general who's gunning for fury's job. after convincing a group of generic villians to break out of a shield prision, the avengers reunite, however the battle ends badly when Nitro causes an explosion which results in a heavy loss of life. the avengers are wrongly blamed and used as an escape goat.

Nefaria is then able to convince an already worried security council that the avengers are a threat. he is given control of shield Nick fury and the avengers will go on the run. Hawkeye and Black widow debate who they are more loyal to the avengers or shield. Nefaria could have some link to black widows past.

eventually the avengers will attempt to clear their names then Nefaria and shield attempts to go war with asgard through a portal based in broxton Oklahoma. the avengers stop him and thus defuse a wall between asgard and earth. Nefaria will then reveal he has super powers and take on the whole avengers team. of course he will loose but he will reveal that thanos gave him the powers and told him to attack asgard. the avengers will then realise they face a great battle ahead, The final scene will have ironman asking cap what do they do now, cap will turn an say "Assemble the ultimate avenger team" foreshadow the third film will feature all the other marvel heroes from other films.

Conclusion: Thus my vision of the avengers 2 keeps in line with the themes and tone of the first film. avoiding the the silly concepts of the vision or downright stupid and unbelievable idea's such as the infinity gauntlet, but is able incorpate popular modern avengers stories like New Avengers:Breakout, Civil War, Dark Reign and Siege in a way which would be accessible to a movie audience

general improvement, Robert Downey Jr learns to play ironman instead of himself. Captian america becomes the full leader instead of an extra.

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hard to believe some people actually want comic books to go back to these kinds of stories