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@war_killer: you mean tears for fears 80's hit single everybody wants to rule the world. covered by lorde for the hunger games catching fire and then slapped on Assassins Creed 12?

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@dagmar_merrill: Well we as an audience brought it on ourselves. Robert Downey Jr did that we all let him get away with it because he's so damn charming.Despite having a complete character growth arc in the first film we were more then happy to ignore that so Downey Jr could just be himself instead of having to act.

Then people got it in there heads that was tony stark and Marvel just went with the money.
In 20 years people won't get demon in the bottle.

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@andysynn: Yh its nothing against the inhumans, they are interesting characters. my issue is with Marvel's motives behind it.

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Marvel stop trying to make the Inhumans as a Marvel Studio Owned Replacement to X-men happen, it's not gonna happen

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ugly but still better then an Skottie Young variant cover

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@madeinbangladesh: I think your wrong if I'm understanding you correctly.

If you mean Marvel as in Marvel studios then your wrong. If you mean Marvel as in any film based on a marvel comic then your view is correct.

Firstly the critical consensus is that the best 3 superhero movies go:

The Dark Knight,

Spider-man 2

X-Men 2

so Marvel Studios Movies doesn't win. marvel created characters do win by numbers, but Marvel studios doesn't win because the best Marvel films are by Fox and Sony.

The reason people like these films more is because these films have a lot more depth to them. The Dark Knight deals utilitarianism, deontology, escalation, order, perceptions of justice, the use of violence chaos etc along with well developed character. Spider-man 2 examines the heavy burden of being a superhero on the heroes personal life. X-Men 2 is uses mutants as way of discussing discrimination and ethics of achieving one goals.

Marvel Studio's films are Instant Gratification Actions Film, you enjoy watching them, they fun to watch with great effect but never stand out in your mind in long run. they lack substance and they tend to follow the exact same beats. This probably why people like the Winter Solider the most now, there's a good plot about deals with civil liberties, privacy and security and Captain America and Black Widow get some opportunities to show character development.

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I wonder how people will drop GOG after this Arc...

if you loved Abnett and Lanning guardians, there's very little reason to stick with bendis inferior version.

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remove hush

Its an abysmal story

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every shop i've spider-man line in has 1,000 of this figure

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@arturocalakayvee: Probably the Ultimate Universe because marvel have pretty much killed with repeat beatings from writers like Jeph Loeb, Sam Humpheries and Joshua Hale Failkov. Also Marvel once said if the universe ever crossed it signed they had officially ran out of ideas and now bendis is obsessed with having the universes cross over. So there's literally no point keeping it, which is shame because it was so brilliantly ahead of it time in its first 5 years, Literally influenced so much of marvel media portfolio.

However, Age of Ultron was supposed to be summer event of 2012, until marvel at last minute abandoned it and had bendis re-write the ending. Avengers vs X-men was rushed together and Marvel Now re-launch of most of the portfolio still happened as planned. One can only assume that Age of Ultron was going to be like flash point and reboot the Marvel Universe until marvel cold feet (can you blame them after Heroes Reborn). Maybe Hickman is going new 52 the marvel universe Crisis on Infinite earths style.