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1) he's a know British TV Actor (tv actors find it hard to break into film, especially when they are british) I can say this, im british, he's a good actor but like a lot of british actors overlooked.

2) he's black and sadly most films want a white male to be the lead character, hollywood is still racist although perhaps not intentionally or maliciously, but rather is focus on profits and marketing demographics means it prone to cast white males as the lead.

3) he's not had a breakthrough role as a protagonist or antagonist yet, because of the reason above he's often cast in a support role rather than the lead. perhaps becoming James Bond would boast him (or hinder him)

4) he's relatively new to film scene, it takes time to build up a reputation, even in the UK i would not say he's a household name yet, most people say he's guy who did "luthor"

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Peter Reclaims his body. Doc Ock will be killed but a new clone version will appear (or this isn't even the real doc ock, See Magneto/Zorn nonsense). How peter comes back will be extremely lazy or complex (akin to Captain America's return to life, Batman's Time Travel)

I doubt Dan Slott will remain a writer on spiderman for much longer after peter returns, Im sure his time will have peter become a photographer, JJ Jamerson retaking the the Daily Bugle etc much like bendis latter end of his avengers run everything will be a putting the toys back in box process.

Everybody who reviews comic books and says "I've really enjoy Spider Otto" will suddenly pretend they've said such things and will praise the return of peter parker. Marvel will also make statements such as "we listened to our audience" and will choose to make via USA Today rather than CBR

Fans will look back on this moment as being on par with the clone saga nonsense or hero's reborn, writers will actually start to mock it in the years to come.

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Remember a year go when marvel was like "AVENGERS & X-MEN WILL NOW BE CLOSELY TIED TOGETHER YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY IN BOTH FRANCHISES" and then its never really happened in a substantive way (except Uncanny avengers which at the moment isn't canon)

These Covers should of come out then

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@bladewolf: it doesn't, its the announcement of yet another war machine series.

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@inferiorego: However, given the fact that neither kree or chriatira look or act like they did in The Ultimates/Ultimate Secret under Mark Millar/Warren Ellis, this may as be happen is Sub-Ultimate universe

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shame it will feature GoG, such a lack luster book when compared to the previous series,

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Please someone explain how discovering your an Inhuman is different from discovering your a mutant?

shouldn't this event of started after AvX when the mutants returned (or repowered)

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i see they are going down the awkward "Comedy" route that made the idiotic, pop corn munching audiences love the awful iron man 3.

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Remember a Venom movie was announced in 2007

Remember a Magento movie was announced in 2006

Remember a Silver Surfer Movie was announced in 2007

These announcements are made to generate market hype and test the water, take them with a pinch of salt, most of them are nonsense

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quick question? we know marvel and slott are gonna stretch this gimmick out until The Amazing Spiderman 2 comes out, but whats left on the tick sheet of predictable encounters between the Doc Ock and spider-man's iconic friends foe? at this point the only person left for the Superior Spiderman to met is Gwen Stacy and Uncle Ben