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scottie young not drawing the same baby version of characters for 1000x time.... woah!

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boy this film was terrible. this was one of those dumb ideas they had to make the film a comedy. this film was more obsessed about cheap laughs then doing a good story.

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awful film... actually insulting to source material and too the audience.

Anyone able to explain how rhodey was able to fire the hand pulse blast to cut the rope when he 1) wasn't in the suit 2) the president was in the suit and had been in that exact position for hours suggesting the suit was disabled? or how apparently easy it is too hijack the suit to begin with?

Or how the kid was able to rebuild the jarvis AI system

or just the fact the kid didn't spit on tony stark for being an around dick to him, (seriously, since when was a it funny to laugh at fathers abandoning their kids)

or Killian tattoos despite having extremsis, a tattoo is scarring of the skin there for extremsis would of repaired the damage

or the complete lack of shield (Note they are not even mentioned once in the film, you would think the kidnapping of the president would at least involve shield)

or my favorite: how tony stark was able to solve the extremis problem, which a big plot point that that no one had come up with a cure only for him to do it OFF SCREEN and cure pepper potts? the only answer i could've think of was lazy writing, they needed a pepper to be Damsel in distress when that was no longer need they just took the lazy route.

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haven't see already seen him in Justice Leage of america issue 2 at the end?

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but its legally impossible

and if you had to choose another two avengers you'd go with Pym's

or if you can only choose one, you'd go with Captain Marvel because the movie avengers right now are far to male dominated,

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The Whole Nick Fury Jr thing wouldn't be so bad if they had done it a rushed and stupid manner.

they knew Jackson would play fury in the movies at least a year for ironman was made. yet they did nothing.

after ironman 1 .... they did nothing

after ironman 2 ... they did nothing

after Thor... they did nothing

after captain america.... Oh Wait we have the avengers movie quickly lets works out a way to shoe horn ultimate nick fury in to the normal universe

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looks amazing, this definatly the best MarvelNow title! without the Best Avengers book on sale.

Its shame is lagging behind in the sales. Uncanny Avengers has been so bland and delayed but is selling more.

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Im just gonna say it... The whole Infinity Gauntlet is stupid (its up there with the ultimate nullifier and the cosmic cube). and the original Infinity Gauntlet story with thanos vs the universe is one of dumbest and embarrassing things marvel has ever published.

I cannot understand why people 1) like the concept of a glove that controls all of reality 2) the obsession to make this concept into the a movie

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i actually think this a terrible story...

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thank god humphries is off this good. Hickman was building something brilliant and humphries went and burned it down to ground.

hopefully no more of this president cap gimmick