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Iron man 3 got 2 percent of the vote? wow can't believe people actually voted for that awful film

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@jonny_anonymous: Loved Hickman run, he understood the ultimate universe and clearly set out to do a sequel to Millar/hitch era Ultimates. Its shame we never got to see where he was going. It also a shame people got so annoyed about Reed Richards being the villain (Bendis did that not hickman), prehap if he just made the villain kang it would of been more popular. Sam Hampheries messed hickman's story up big time and Fialkov didn't help either.

Sadly the now impossible continuity of the Ultimate Universe (now pretty much Bizzaro Earth) makes it the most inaccessible books on the market.

Doomed to die

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  1. Captain America Winter Soilder
  2. Avengers
  3. Captain America
  4. Iron Man 1
  5. Hulk
  6. Thor
  7. Thor 2
  8. Iron man 2
  9. Iron man 3

My reasoning is that the top three films don't try to do everything. While Iron man 2,3 and Thor 2 try to be all things to all people.

Iron man 3 is a bad film because its all over the place, it wants to be a political thriller with constructed war of terror. It wants us to think it rebellious in portrayal of Iron man and the Mandarin, yet it also wants to be a generic superhero film with Ironman having a love interest aka damsel in distress. It tries to be funny with it awful awkward humour but at same time wants to take the plot seriously. It asks the audience to swing between all these different tones and the result it is confusing. Thor 2 does all these things aswell but doesn't feature as poor writing as ironman 3.

both Captain America films and Avengers keep it focused. Captain America is a superhero film with lite political elements and that's it. it doesn't force humour on the audience and it doesn't resort to the females being solely there to be rescued. Avengers is a big action blockbluster and a team film, it focuses on big action and bringing all the colourful personality of team together to overcome insurmountable odds to succeed.

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its pretty hard to care what happens to any of them, even coulson.

well it already felt like Shield didn't actually exist in this series.

I guess its going to become a full blown Scooby Doo/A-Team show for season 2. it will also be a great excuse for the lower budget it will have to have season 2. if they are gonna do a second season there is no point continuing to make a show as expensive as this if its going to get low ratings.

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right now its actually a natural interpretation, not a racial sterotype.

1) are the drugs illegal? - if its illegal to take the drugs then you can argue the book continues to support a negative racial stereotype. if the drugs are not illegal, then its fine, Paracetamol is drug, caffeine is a drug, society does not sees things as negatives

2) how does the protagonist use his powers? - if he uses them for negative attributes such as greed and aggression then again it re-enforce a negative stereotype. if he uses them for good does it attempt to rebut that stereotype you are concerned about?

until you've read the full book you cannot answer those questions, until you answer those questions you are being over sensitiveness over the matter. Implying you yourself may believe in the stereotype if your immediate interpretation of concept of the book this that it portrays a black protagonist as drug using criminal.

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I do think marvels movie business does hold a higher opinion then it actually deserve. A lot of people both normal audiences and comic book readers hold a "marvel can do no wrong" view to there films. Most of phase 1 was quality wise was good (it ranged from average to good). Commercially, It was very impressive. This has made Marvel/Disney complacent towards phase 2. For Marvel to put "Your Welcome" on the poster for GOG shows how arrogant they have become.

Iron Man 3 was awful, Thor 2 was awful, Agents of Shield is awful. All three fail becuase the characters are not developed, the story is poorly crafted and they seemed insist on making sure they have as much forced awkward humour in them as possible(It was funny in Ironman 1, but its lost its charm now) and while I will say Winter Solider is very good (on par of Avengers) Phase 2 has proved that Marvel can go wrong quality wise but this has not been reflected commercially yet. I think the quality will most likely continue to have ups and downs (the downs being all the new phase 3 solo films for Doctor Strange and co) and franchise fatigue will kick in.

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@comedy_brosusa: spoiler alert it will be spiderman's friend talking about how great he was... basically ultimate fallout again. Bendis is predictable like that

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I love how marvel cleaning house on its stupid concepts. So here's a list so far of the stupid elements they've got finally got rid of:

Infinity Gems/Glove - Magic stones which make no sense which fit a human hand shaped glove. Destroyed in New Avengers

Galactus - Giant purple clothes wearing man who speaks English and eats planets - sent to insult to ultimate universe before being finally sent into the negative zone to die in Cataclysm

Phoenix - A fire bird that has the unexplained power to do anything (Like the infinity gems), likes to possesses human and do predictable things with them. Wiped out of existence at the end of Avengers vs X-Men

The Watcher - A man with a large head who speaks English and refuses to interfere but all ways does, sometimes just be showing up he interferes. He's gonna die in Original Sin

What is next the cosmic cube? (Aka the magic box that does exactly the same thing as infinity gems)

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used to cyclops but then started sleeping with Emma Frost and house of M happened and he became a jerk. both Nightcrawler and Wolverine are worthy of winning. the only people who don't like wolverine are the ones who've never read a good wolverine story (and there is a but ton of good wolverines stories too choose from)

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@micah: This isn't Innovation, this stupidity and desperation. Ultimate Marvel used to represent innovation modernisation and accessibility in the industry. really the difference between the normal universe and ultimate universe was the lack of stupid concepts like reality controlling cubes, giant purple guys who speak English and want to eat earth. as well as being innovative by allowing writers greater freedom by not being tied down in 40 years of continuity which in turned made accessible new readers. The current ultimate universe is completely in-accessible to new readers and instead of being the slicker version of the main universe, it's become the bizarro version of it. Its runs off gimmicks now like "hey what if captain america didn't stand in an election but still won it" each ill-thought idea merely makes it less assessable then before. Its like a dumping ground for Writers and artists marvel doesn't know what to do with now.

If marvel just killed it after Death of the Spiderman and then did a new Ultimate-esqe/New 52 style line it would of been a lot better. Give it another year and marvel will try another event to boost readership, it won't work (as they seem to have a become a jumping off point for UU) and the readership will continue to decline rapidly.