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so alan moore wrote this

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Im not, Giandomenico is a testament to how far the ultimate universe has fallen when compared to bryan hitch work.

also the whole tie has been the Nick Fury and one dimensional d-listers

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@staypuffed: except Skottie "I can't believe im getting paid to draw these 5 minute doddles of the same gimmick a million times for these expensive variant covers" Young

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im surprised marvel have chosen a name for this book that doesn't have "avengers" in it

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Marvel came very close to reboot with Age of Ultron, It was supposed to be 2012 event with a different ending, which would lead into marvel now! but marvel panicked and abandoned the idea.

Marvel is also willing to allow dumb idea to float around in continuity unlike DC, so for yes once magneto was turned into a baby, and yes once there was a clone saga or hulked out heroes or a superior spiderman, these are all still part of Marvel's history.

DC on the other hand clearly prefers to wipe these things from existence, so no one will remember batman's camp days, or that time the justice league got turned in apes or teen titians got turned into adults while the justice league became teenagers (OH YES THESE HAPPENED In the late 90's early 2000)

I think also marvel is bit more flexible with its character, it always finds silly way to mess up their characters and then after 2 years resolve it as if it never happened. DC on the other hand struggles with this. Grant Millar's batman run maybe the closest thing to what marvel do with everyone of their characters

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there's a twist - Oh dear here we go again another 90's esque slott idea

Boy i cannot wait for the whole superior spiderman to become a joke under future writers

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i read somewhere a maybe a year ago (2012?) that marvel was planning on having Wolverine as the predictable character death for some event they were working on. I suspected it would be age of ultron but given that age of ultron had a substantial rewritting of its final 5 issues, i guessed marvel lost the balls (Marvel were gonna new 52 out of age of ultron originally). then Killable was announced and i thought "yep this is it, they remove his healing factor than 6 months later kill him".

Although i don't see how removing his healing factor will make an difference in the long run to the character, as pretty much every marvel superhero has the ability to heal super quickly from injuries.

Who knows but i would advice people if they don't like it, not to read it, alot of spiderman readers gave in kept reading superior spiderman which has allowed the gimmick to run on as long as it has.

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@justin_blank: Bryan Hitch actually wrote and drew a few issues of a Ultimate Captain America mini series, where (at least from the art work) he's fighting terrorists in the middle east with Shield and US army (Very Ultimates 2 style), but Marvel said no because it suit the new tone of the ultimate universe. he posted a few pictures of it last year when he left marvel.

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This actually makes me sick, how much further could the ultimate universe fall? No one at marvel gets what the ultimate universe was about anymore, not even bendis. it should of been killed off.

I know they officially ran out when they did Cliche driven Spidermen (the fact the latest issue of Ultimates last stand pulled the same nonsense was even more annoying)

I Guess The Ultimates 1 & 2 should now be treated as completely self contained, because there is no way those characters are same character we've got now

Its pretty ironic that Mark Millars and Bryan Hitchs Ultimates run is the most influential comic on marvel current universe and film series, yet in the ultimate universe the idea of flawed heroes, politics vs ethics and realist are forgotten in favour of punching a giant purple guy with a silly hat who speaks english.

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Top Right hand corner: a second spiderman wearing Miles costume.