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@comedy_brosusa: spoiler alert it will be spiderman's friend talking about how great he was... basically ultimate fallout again. Bendis is predictable like that

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I love how marvel cleaning house on its stupid concepts. So here's a list so far of the stupid elements they've got finally got rid of:

Infinity Gems/Glove - Magic stones which make no sense which fit a human hand shaped glove. Destroyed in New Avengers

Galactus - Giant purple clothes wearing man who speaks English and eats planets - sent to insult to ultimate universe before being finally sent into the negative zone to die in Cataclysm

Phoenix - A fire bird that has the unexplained power to do anything (Like the infinity gems), likes to possesses human and do predictable things with them. Wiped out of existence at the end of Avengers vs X-Men

The Watcher - A man with a large head who speaks English and refuses to interfere but all ways does, sometimes just be showing up he interferes. He's gonna die in Original Sin

What is next the cosmic cube? (Aka the magic box that does exactly the same thing as infinity gems)

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used to cyclops but then started sleeping with Emma Frost and house of M happened and he became a jerk. both Nightcrawler and Wolverine are worthy of winning. the only people who don't like wolverine are the ones who've never read a good wolverine story (and there is a but ton of good wolverines stories too choose from)

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@micah: This isn't Innovation, this stupidity and desperation. Ultimate Marvel used to represent innovation modernisation and accessibility in the industry. really the difference between the normal universe and ultimate universe was the lack of stupid concepts like reality controlling cubes, giant purple guys who speak English and want to eat earth. as well as being innovative by allowing writers greater freedom by not being tied down in 40 years of continuity which in turned made accessible new readers. The current ultimate universe is completely in-accessible to new readers and instead of being the slicker version of the main universe, it's become the bizarro version of it. Its runs off gimmicks now like "hey what if captain america didn't stand in an election but still won it" each ill-thought idea merely makes it less assessable then before. Its like a dumping ground for Writers and artists marvel doesn't know what to do with now.

If marvel just killed it after Death of the Spiderman and then did a new Ultimate-esqe/New 52 style line it would of been a lot better. Give it another year and marvel will try another event to boost readership, it won't work (as they seem to have a become a jumping off point for UU) and the readership will continue to decline rapidly.

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my god, Can the ultimate universe sink any lower? it just an insult to original creativity and tight editorial control that made ultimate universe such a hit 12 years ago.

this art is awful! why bring back any element of the least unsuccessful part of the ultimate universe: ultimate Fantastic four.

I await the Comic vine 5 Star Review

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@amazingwebhead: woah woah woah the re-writing of ultron's origins is yet to come!

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Tesseract looks really good, bummed they never did marvel legends line of avengers movie (well they did, but it was a walmart exclusive and not available in the UK)

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Wow another Skottie Young baby hero doddle! man he is just so talented at milking that gimmick, shame he isn't as talented at drawing

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I'm gonna bet this series will last 12/(technically 13) issues. I think nearly every War Machine solo title has only last that long in the past.

War Machine reminds me of Havok... fan favourite character who painfully bland and inferior to original

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I hate robin... i hate the fact that there's many robins!