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I've not been reading this series since I dropped it pretty early on when i saw the "superior" gimmick (because that's what it is, a "how long can stretch this out before a return to status quo" gimmic) being repeated. but without his healing factor:

1) surely wolverines skeleton would kill him

2) even if it does, every time he pops the claws he would hurt himself

that said I don't see how removing his healing factor makes any difference. Every Marvel heal has an unspoken healing factor that allows them survive injuries that would kill a normal person.

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I just need to see magneto be a villain and a leader again, he's been wasted by so many recent x-men writers

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does marvel have any villains left you are not hero's now?

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Old Man Logan all the way!

i also really enjoyed Bendis Ultimate X-Men arc where Wolverine is being hunted around new york by ex-weapon x guys with guns, it was a simple idea so well executed.

I don't class uncanny x-force as a great wolverine because wolverine was never the main focus of the story, it was always psylocke and fantomex, which is why the last arc feels odd with the focus on wolverine and his son.

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I struggle to see how any who read this can turn around and say "Ultimate cataclysm is an excellent story"

Its doesn't even feel like it takes place in the same universe anymore.

The Ultimates vol 1 & 2 is still most influential marvel comics of 2000, its disgusting how the Marvel Editorial have butchered this title, for me the Sam Humphries "President Cap" was the final the straw.

I will forever love Mark and Bryan run on the ultimates, but i will no longer support the mess that ultimate universe has become.

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Now we need Bill Jemas back at marvel

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looks like marvel are trying to destroy their own crappy tv show. SHIELD here looks amazing. lets hope its not an awful awkward comedy like Iron man 3 was.

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@the_mast: Bolivar Trask is white in comics, don't argue about faithful if you not referring to original source material.

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Keaton,without a doubt, the machine guns on the batmobile alone in the first film kill more. his kill count in the second film goes through the roof.

Bale's batman doesn't appear to kill at all. its often pointed out that he killed ra's al ghul, this is incorrect,bale didn't create the dangerous situation that killed ra's, Gordon did, he blow up the monorail like, so he would actually be to blame. Legally speaking the closest he comes to killing as batman is if you believe he killed by omission (failing to act, in this case save) assuming he had a duty to save ra's al ghul (which he didn't).

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@maddpanda531: it never did a good job at that, it tired then within a 4 issues became a promotional material for GOG and then after bendis a corner for Kelly Sue Deconnick casual fan tumblr loving story. it never had any true identity, movie fans would of been better buying the ultimates or Heroic age avengers books.