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a Batman game that doesn't revolve around the joker... he's not like centre point of the batman universe.

Scarecrows return is a good idea, his sections where best bits of the original Arkham Asylum. Although I suspect he won't actually be the main villain.

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the variant cover pretty much confirms what ultron will look like Avengers 2....

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@kamionero: each event shaves from some of the readership and makes it more inaccessible to new readers. there is also little things like shifting house styles which make the book stand out less on the shelves. Frankly Im Surprised its gone on this long, i get the impression marvel is trying to get rid of but at the same time extract as much money out its remaining readership.

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@micah: wrong it won't, Hickman's Ultimates (the best thing to happen post Ultimatum) had a sharp decline in sales. what hope does Ultimate FF have?

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What is it with Bendis and crappy over dramatic funerals! this pretty much gonna be Ultimate Fallout, Secret Invasion aftermath, Avengers Dissembled all over again...

I cannot wait for character who barely spoke to captain america to go say nonsense about how great he was and then cry, and walk away. Heck given how insulting the ultimate universe has become to its own golden era I would not rule out Bruce banner appearing and say "yh he was a jerk to me, lied to me, bullied me behind my back and used me as a weapon but i love him he's the nicest person in the world, truly he embodied the spirit of modern liberal america"

What most surprising is that of all the ultimate characters to not, its the biggest failure commercially and blandest characters in the ultimate universe - the Ultimate Fantastic Four. How is that least successful element is the one team that survived through! I blame those losers who go to ever convention and ask for a ultimate fantastic four return.

But hey there always Next Year's Ultimate Event when sales begin to decline for Ultimate FF

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get ready for 30 seconds of nothing! i reckon they will say something like "yh there is a really major thing gonna happen in agent of shield that will be important in avengers 2" and everyone will watch it, and it be another dumb ass easter egg that means nothing at all.

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they should of just killed it, frankly the whole series has been an insult to good era of the ultimate universe. Its even more insult that bendis wrote it... the ultimate universe was never meant to be some bizzaro universe

Warren Ellis Gah Lak Tus series was an excellent way of modernising the stupidest concept ever made: A Giant Human Male with silly purple hat, who speaks prefect English! can you imagine in the middle of say the ultimates 2 where the ultimates invade iran, suddenly this nonsense happened, people would of dropped the Ultimates 2, reviews would be overwhelming negative, but now this stupidity is seen as "a fun adventure" so its ok as long as its not as Ultimatum.

they should of killed the whole universe. started again, retained the original version of a modern marvel universe, that was grounded in reality and stuck with years of history.

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@keroga: these are evil avengers from another universe, not the avengers from the past

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Its not an issue of content and violence, its more of an issue of the complexity of dialogue through out a lot of modern comics.

I guess the first arc of Justice League would be acceptable, its super simplistic, would act as a gate way.

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@dark_vengeance_: Its not ultimate Avengers, Its the Ultimates which is most influential marvel comic of 2000's. Ultimate Avengers was its inferior follow up, because it was under heavy editorial control which prevented Millar doing what he wanted. Red Son is great but its no where near as mind blowing as the Ultimates.