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I choose to veto this vote.

this isn't a fair contest, Fraction's run on Hawkeye is on-going right now, so its actually difficult to judge it's overall quality, as there is the potential for it get better or worse. If the ending of a story/run is bad, it can taint one perception of the whole story/run. Thus it is unfair to compare to the ongoing Hawkeye to fractions concluded run on the Immortal Iron Fist.

Perhaps it would of been fairer to compare the Immortal Iron Fist to Fractions "Invincible Iron Man" or the "Fantastic Four" or "Punisher War Journal"

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motion comics: for people too lazy to turn the page

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@erik: happened when Joshua Hale Fialkov took over the ultimates and started turning it into Ultimate Fantastic Four... was it explained? Nope

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it isn't really as impressive as the 100th issue with the same writer/art team. plus all the unnecessary re-number has made it less impressive.

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have they made Ultimate Nick Fury director of shield of yet or is Maria hill still the on-off again directer of shield?

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I don't think it will be success Disney hope it will be.

All things to All People: phase 2 has been very poor so far mainly due a disney/marvel attempting to make do a family friendly, funny, action packed films. both Ironman 3 and thor 2 tried to do all these things and not succeeding at all of them. this results in poor character development and plot holes. While Ironman 3 was as bad as batman & Robin, the audience and critics all over a looked the failures because Robert Downey Jr's charm. Thor 2 didn't have that luxury and was less successful. indeed the director of thor 2 did complain about this aspect.

franchise fatigue: there is also a sense of franchise fatigue beginning to kick in with the super hero genre. I know a lot of people walked out of thor 2 saying "I Just wished they had made an Avengers 2 instead of more ironman and thor films". We are going to have a lot big superhero films this year and GOG Is the last one to come out.

a flawed execution: This is almost certain to happen, Team's don't translate to film because there are often to many characters and contracts demand certain characters get more screen time then others. Avengers avoided this by having the main character history already explained. (see x-men franchise for a great example of the flaws of team film).

The Easter eggs: marvel films have lot of easter eggs, this has encouraged audience to watch them just for the easters eggs which lead up to avengers. I wonder if audiences will look at GOG and think it has little to do with Avengers 2 and thus give it a miss.

Rocket Raccoon: its clear the marvel and most of the comic book fan base are excited about the concept of talking raccoon. However, not all comic book elements transfer over so well to big screen, there is no shortage of wise cracking talking animals films out there (especially those made by Disney) I Wonder if this will actually work against it.

Disney & SCFI: Disney made John Carter of Mars the biggest SCFI flop ever made... then upon that failure ordered Marvel to make GOG and purchased the star wars franchise. its clear that Disney are making this because they want to have a good portfolio in the SCFI genre but their track record is sketchy.

Personally I think it will be alight, nothing special, but it won't be as successful as Avengers and Iron man 3 (although ironman merely piggied back on the avengers success). I know it be full of unfunny forced awkward humour but the CGI and actions scenes will be great.

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he needs to be a villain again, he's been wasted and abused as a character for years.

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@maccyd: @arturocalakayvee

would these be the people that think the avengers are Ironman's non armored side kicks and Tony stark is arrogant, egoistical, jerk, rebel super hero that is happily in love with his secretary?

Can you imagine if we got a batman begins style reboot of the iron man franchise! Tony Stark an alcoholic, manic depressive! who didn;t have a conventional damsel in distress because Pepper Potts would be married to Happy hogan! the pop corn munching audiences would loose their minds

I await the next marvel ham fisted rewriting of Ultron origins in the comics!

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Playable Harley (confirmed via game site)

I honestly don't get the weird fan obsession with her in the games... I assume its based on the some Clown /Nurse Fetish