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whats up with the art on the thing in particular? did some use blur on photoshop?

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Its pretty clear G-Man does love this book but sadly I don't think even he can save this book.

However, Its first issue sold around 34,000 copies, issue 2 dropped 10,000 to 24,000 and almost certain it will have dropped down even further to possibly 20,000 region (may sales not released yet) which means its likely to be cancelled if doesn't make a sharp improvement soon. (after all Marvel is a business)

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Good Lord! Skottie Young doing something other then overpriced doodles of babies?

may God have mercy on us all

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no you don't, you know every 90% have no actual significance to main series. Use your brain, don't fall for the marketing.

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@v_scarlotte_rose: I haven't reader All New Invaders, Last time I checked Galactus was imprisoned in the negative zone of ultimate universe along with ultimate thor. Because there is nothing there too feed on he would die.

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well this evidence does make sense Marvel have already removed Galactus and Watcher out of all marvel titles for foreseeable future.

Ultimate FF is going to cancelled anyway issue 1 debuted with around 30,000 issues sold, with pretty negative fan review (especially the art work) Marvel normally cancels series at 12 issues in which sink to 30,000 so Ultimate FF isn't going to increase its readership and will be cancelled by issue 6.

I do wonder if this will actually work in practice, end the comic or reducing its presence won't damage fox that much. Fox lawyers are clever, they will just remind fox to make another movie even if its 1994 bad just to retain the licence to stop marvel profiting.

I wonder if the death of wolverine is related to this, perhaps the first step is killing Wolverine being the most popular x-man, which will reduce readership on any x-men book he stars in. There is evidence including wolverine does boast readership. Maybe the superior spiderman was an attempt at this as well which backed fired?

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Low Pressure meeting High Pressure?

Strong Winds




In that order please Mr Pak

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Marvel hold a dominate share of the market in terms of readership, so by that logic I would say their more likely to more viner's here who are marvel fans. However, I also a argee with the users who have pointed out the cross company readership

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@lcazt1996: See I want to agree with you, but that simply not the case any more. When I started reading comics I found Ultimate Spiderman to be relatable, while Mainstream Universe spiderman seemed confusing (at the time he was a teacher, married and an avenger). Sadly relatability has long gone from most spiderman titles with all this onemoreday/superiorspiderman/spiderisland nonsense.

When I watch the Rami Spiderman Movies I think "Yes this is what i want from a spiderman book" but when I look at the marvel universe I just don't see that.

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If i had choose long Halloween, its not that amazing but its better then hush will is drawn out story which feels like loeb desperate attempt to have batman and superman fight and add his own bit to batman origins.