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I'm already looking forward to the sequel "brunch of the planet of the apes"

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Deathstroke is very similar to Venom, looks cool, but actually beyond that there is nothing more to character.

best used sparingly

[awaits a queue of people trying to explain why a character is "friggin awesome" and should have their own series and appear all the time]

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@madeinbangladesh: the marvel movies are more often then not light hearted but the best marvel films have had their darker moments to them. Do you remember the Stane ripped the arc reactor out Tony stark chest in iron man 1 or when doctor Erskine died in Captain America? Or Zola's grand plan reveal in Winter Solider? What matters is tone and how the film transitions between them. know then to make a joke or when to play it serious. sadly Iron man 2,3, Thor 1 &2, pretty much all of the shield have such an inconsistent approach to tone. why should the audience care what's happen in Iron man 3 when Robert Downey Jr is trying so desperately to be funny by holding his gun like a gangster or arguing with his friends over silly matters. why should the audience even care about the final battle in thor 2 when the writers force thor to appear in a tube station because they haven't had a lame joke in over 2 minutes. Spiderman 1/2 X-men 1/2 First Class/Days of Future, Nolan/burton batman, all knew when the tone should be serious and when the tone should be light hearted and this contributes (along with strong writing/ good acting etc) to making a telling a better story in both comics and movies.

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@w0nd: nightwing isn't A List sales wise so its not to harmful, in fact i think changing nightwing into a spy will be beneficial in long run, Lets be honest here, there are far to many batman sidekick books using the same story template.

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hey check out the obligatory Skottie Young 2 minute doodle cover. I wonder when he'll stop milking his lack of talent and get a real job instead of working with marvel to rip of anyone stupid enough to buy his covers

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@mrtummytumms: Its never fully confirmed, but evidence suggests joker does know where the bat cave is and that bruce is batman, he just doesn't care because the joker doesn't want their relationship to end.

Batman finds a Joker card in on the floor bat cave after destroying a joker blimp, but doesn't believe joker could of survived that far a journey to batcave. at end of the story its revealed that bruce wayne took the card to joker at arkham, which would confirm to joker that bruce wayne is batman or at least extremely well connected to batman. However, the Joker doesn't seem to care and give no reaction to wayne giving him the card.

Joker has the opportunity to remove the mask but doesn't because he already knows. Joker attacks Alfred at wayne manor (but its suggested this because wayne is supporting Batman Incorporated). The Joker grand plan takes place in the cave system near the bat cave.

to quote batman "I don't believe in coincidence"

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yes the secret is more then safe.

DC won't repeat the same mistake marvel did revealing spiderman identity, marvel trapped themselves with that story.therefore lex luthor will never tell the secret.

Plus we all know that joker already knows who he is and where he lives but doesn't care.

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Infinite Comic = completely irrelevant

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was Greg Pak the only one who understood the question?

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I felt this issue was very rushed and too cliche for it own good. I suspect when Remender aimed for this to be be 2 issues long but because AXIS is coming the story has to wrapped up asap.

Did rogue absorb every superhuman power? or just mutants or just popular mutants who happen to be on a super hero team?