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Am I the only person who got excited thinking this was a continuation of hickman incredible:

SHIELD: Architects of Forever

Instead its the Bland wannabe A-Team of Shield TV show in comic form. Urgh so much forced market market synergy!

stop trying to make stop trying to make "agents of shield" happen, its not gonna happen

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Avengers 2 is already sounding like Iron man and Avengers :(

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I love it, same as every year, audience members ask stupid questions that pretty much allow the panel get away with saying "Yep X will appear" or "sure we'd like to" or "there's big things coming up"

Imagine if someone had said "with the introduction of Falcon as Captain America and a Female Thor, are you using diversity as gimmick to gain mass media attention in attempt have sharp sales boast for a few issues? rather then a meaningful way of beginning diversity in to your character portfolio?" and then quotes Superior Spiderman #1, #31/Amazing Spiderman #1 sale figures to demonstrate how Mass Media attention lets a major sales boast (or any other sales gimmick you can find evidence of been effective in practice). I mean you can't count on sites like CBR, Newsarama or comicvine to dare ask such questions to writers and editors.

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does this series have its own plot?

It feels like this series has just been one event tie-in after another. First it was infinity, then Inhumanity, now original sin

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This is awful. this whole series has been bad. Dare I say it, Marvel found a way to out do Jeph Loeb's Ultimatum.

I mean it embarrassing that a series has bad as this has been has the right to try to mock two of the best stories in the ultimate universe, The Ultimates vol 1 and Death of the spiderman. (Im fine with it mocking all Fialkow awful ideas)

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@tuckboarder: Urgh what a nightmare that would be. he was awful on Ultimates 3. he just looks like a tattoo artist

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anyone actually care about this series other then marvel (Disney overlords)?
"Marvel’s strangest superpowered beings" - thats the x-men tag line from 1960/1970s guess marvel really do want to stop marketing Fox/Sony Properties

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ah so its gonna be another action comedy akin to the god awful Iron man 2/3 and Thor 2.

I hoped Marvel/disney would of learned from Winter Solider but i guess they just more interested in merchandising talking raccoon toys .

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Winter Solider wins automatically on grounds it have Robert Downey Jr trying be the centre of attention and delivering the worst dialogue ever

"you can be damned well sure we'll avenge it!" (oh because you think the audience is made up of idiots and won't understand why film is called avengers)

"we have a hulk" (No at this point you didn't, he had ran off, partly because Tony stark had spent so much time being trying to make himself look to annoyance of the rest of team)

"Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist" - (and your supposed to be hero how?)

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I hope emma frost is long forgotten by the time of the really 100th anniversary. or at least used as sexual object anymore