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Hah, believe me I'm sorry if I came off sounding aggressive in my first comment, Scott, it must have been the Rose in me. ; )  But yes, I'm a nice person really, and thank you so much for taking time to answer our questions. I would imagine the dynamic between Rose and Jason as vaguely similar to the (now out of continuity *sob*) Rose-Damian dynamic, which was good fun to read (and on a sidenote, I will miss it forever). These new Teen Titans don't really seem the right group for Rose to join. By your response, I can now safely say I would much rather Rose stayed in your hands than be pinched away by some other author- so, having to choose between SB, TT and the Outlaws, I will say she has "Outlaw" written all over her. We'll wait and see then. Thanks again!

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Is there any chance of Rose joining the Outlaws after Superboy joins the Titans? Many fans were expecting Ravager to be included in Red Hood's book and it would be nice not to have her tied down to Superboy.

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Ugh....I hope Lobdell realises Rose fans are hating this "Superboy's handler" and "unique and exquisite creature" business. Because Krul forced Rose/Kon down our throats for about 10 flipping issues, we're getting it in the reboot as well? Give us the Rose Wilson we all know and love, please. She would never find anyone "unique and exquisite", for pete's sake.
To sum up the feelings of Rose's rioting fans on tumblr, "DC, stop trying to make rose/kon happen. It’s not going to happen."
Here's to hoping she'll grow into something more than Kon's sidekick/love interest. Put her in Teen Titans. Put her in Red Hood and the Outlaws, it's not like the characters in that team make much sense together so why not throw Rose in there and give her a chance to shine. I'd say put her in Deathstroke, but Higgins thinks depriving Slade of his kids will make him more badass somehow. Dream on.