Wolverine #6 + New 52 pulls

So I went to the comic store this weekend and picked out some books, including my first dip into the new 52...and my first superman comic! I got Action Comics #1 [yes the new one! there's no way I could get the original]. I got the second printing version, and I think that the 2ed cover looked cooler. If anyone could tell me where to find all the different covers for AC #1 I'd be really happy [are there really only 2 covers? I'd be surprised]. I'm a big fan of Grant Morrison, so I can't wait to read it. Next I got a prologue issue for "Fear Itself" since I want to try to catch up. Speaking of catching up, I got schism prelude #1 and Schism #1 for x-men since the event seems to be critical. I got the new avengers 1959 based on the site review [thanks comicvine!]. Next out of my bag is a spiderman preview book, and at this point I want to say that I'm psyched about Avenging spiderman. and on the topic of the digital release...I honestly don't care since I don't own a kindle/I-phone/I-Pad ect. meaning that I'd have no way to redeem the polybagged code for the app, otherwise it's a good idea for everyone else. Since I fallow batman I had to get Detective comics #1-2 :).

Now unto my main review: I loved Wolverine [vol.2] #6. The art is as stylized as always. [note that I tend not to fallow certain artists/writers since I'm mostly just into reading whatever the character is in..so I don't really care who the artist is, but the style for this book is more of a watercolor/paint effect so it is worthy of a mention.] Wolverine AKA Patch is faced with two very powerful villains who are pretty much invincible. The cover shows both antagonists off well. I really like Roughhouse [who shares his name with the title of the story within the issue]. He is a gaint man of Asgardian origin [kind of a spoiler..but I was curious to see why he was so powerful] and he really poses a threat to wolvie here..throwing him all around the place. There is also bloodsport who [using some kind of black magic?] can suck blood from people by touching them, he is seriously weird/creepy looking. Overall the issue had great action and art..i'd give it a 8/10 on it's own. My only real complaint is that this comic is loaded with side characters...5 allies of wolverine + the main character and 3 villains, I just thought that there were too many companions to keep track of.

hopefully more news coming from me soon :) see ya!

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