Playing around with color. . .

More shots taken by me. . .

I over-saturated the color on the first two.

The Parker, Palm Springs, CA
Joshua Tree National Park

I shot these in color, changed them to black & white and then brought color back in on the flowers. . .


As always, I welcome comments and critiques. Thanks for letting me share these on The Vine!


More B&W Photography (with a hint of color. . .)

More shots taken by me. . . Thanks for all of the kind words for my last posting!

Croquet, The Parker, Palm Springs, CA
Joshua Tree National Park
Rock of Cashel, Ireland
Rock of Cashel, Ireland
Rock of Cashel, Ireland
Tree, Irish Countryside
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

and just a hint of color. . .

Stained Glass, Irish Castle

These can all be found in my gallery . .hope you enjoy!


My B&W Photography

Photography is a passion of mine, but I have little time for it. Here are some various shots that I have taken over the years. What do you think?

Navy Pier Lighthouse, Chicago
Roots, Maui
High Tide, Maui
Oceanside Tree, Maui
Penn's Landing, Philadelphia
Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia

I shoot in color, then simply use Picasa to turn the images into black and white.


DC Reboot - What lies ahead for the JSA?

If DC is looking to modernize the DC Universe, what will become of the JSA?  Going back to the days of All-Star Squadron, the JSA has always been near and dear to me.  I was thrilled that the team made it through Crisis intact and love the idea of a senior team to mentor and counsel the next generation of superheroes.  Given that, I feel they definitely have a place in the rebooted DC.  They play a role that the Justice League has never, and will never be able to fulfill.  
What do you think?

All Star Comics Unused Cover - Dave Johnson

Comics That Stand Out in Your Collections

Is there a particular comic that stands out in your collection?  Alpha Flight Volume 1, Issue 1 is a particular favorite in my collection.  First, it's John Byrne.  Second, I love team shot covers and spreads.  Guardian's rebuffing of the X-Men, Avengers, and the Fantastic Four is classic.  Third, this was the first comic I purchased at the first and only comic convention I attended back in 1983 in Oklahoma City.  Comic cons have evolved since then, but I was in awe of the energy and the sheer numbers of comics on display and for sale.

What issues stand out in your collections?


Must Read Thor?

I know me - after seeing the Thor movie, I'm going to want to read some Thor comics.  I have to admit, outside of his Avenger storylines, I have never read any Thor titles.  Recommendations I have received are as follows:

  • Tales of Asgard Mini Series
  • Ages of Thunder
  • Thor Blood Oath
  • King Thor Saga

I'm looking for definitive Thor storylines - are these recommendations any good?  What am I missing?

Comic Art on the Internet

Short of the Vine, I am constantly looking for new comic art online.  I hit the following sites on a regular basis:

  • deviantart - Great stuff here.  High quality scans from some of the top artists in comics today.
  • Comic Book Resources - I hit this site once a month to pull DC and Marvel covers (nice size, typically unlettered).
  • Google Image Search - I search by artist and restrict the size to Large - found some killer jam pieces and high-res Steve McNiven pieces through this search.

I've also tried Comic Art Fans and Comic Art Community, but I'm not the biggest fan of the image quality or size on either site.  Any recommendations for other sites I should be checking out?
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Image Galleries - Art for Art's Sake

As I continue to work towards my completion of loading 1,000 images to the site I find that it's taking some serious time.  First and foremost, I only want to load quality images (I hope that I have thus far).  I have tens of thousands of images accumulated over the years, but keeping track of artists and issues has only been part of my discipline within the past year or so.  Can anyone recommend any suggestions/resources (short of the Vine, which has been extremely helpful) to assist in my quest?

Of course, I won't be stopping at 1,000 images. . . I have too many not to share.

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