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@ancient_0f_days: Why do you get so offended? yourself are using (or at least trying to use) foul language. People get so put off on these things so easily.

@xspectregreyx: Here we go...this is what I mean by people "godding" up Bats. It's so silly. I know Bane was more then a brute. The point is is if Bats was really a part of superhuman league dealing with superhuman conflicts he'd be the first to die. Doesn't matter if he has a "plan." And Joker proved that. Joker never has a plan and he's bested Bats in stories such as the Dark Knight Returns. But either way there is absolutely nothing you can say to convince me other wise. Your opinion is mute to me.

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The show is really good even despite how much it's ripped off Bats. I want it to be fall already just to see what happens next. I'm really hoping we get to see Oliver get some more gadgets...maybe an "Aero-Cycle"...anybody ;) I also really hope we get to see Connor Hawke...maybe if Sarah is still alive o.O...but of course I know Connor probably won't come in to play till much much later.

Bring on season 2!

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I really like the show despite how much everyone here said it was going to suck. It's been a really good first season and it's way better then Smallville...which was 10 long years o fmy life wasted on disappointment and crappy effects. I really hope we get to see more of Queen Industries toys. Perhaps an "Aero-Cycle." ;)

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@jnr6lil: I didn't say for the film to be exactly like the Kingdom Come story...I just said it should be similar.

@allstarsuperman: Idk about that...about a GL sequel. If anything they have to reboot the Emerald have to. That movie was horrifying.

@colonyofcells: Lol idk I kinda wanna see little bat/cat babies lol jk. And yes that is very true...Thanos is a direct copy of Darkseid. But that doesn't mean DC should copy back just to compete. And again is it just me!...or are people not tired of cliched alien invasions yet!?

Good points though everyone :)

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@ancient_0f_days: You gave your best argument. I completely agree with you. Personally I wouldn't even care about "comic feats" because if we logically took this down to the real world Arrow would murderize Bruce. People god up Batman way to much. It's time for him to get broken once and for all lol.

Arrow wins this.

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Idk...this one is tough. Personally I think...Green Arrow. For two simple reasons. First, Bruce chose to travel the world and train with the League of Shadows. And after the League turned against him (or vise versa) Bruce escaped and survived. Ollie on the other hand didn't choose to crash his yacht and wash upon the shore of the island he did...but it just happened. And he survived entirely on his own (in some versions). Second, I think people give Batman way to much god like credit. Bruce is just a man. In fact, he got his freakin' back broken by a steroid injected wet back (no offense). So to me the bottom line is anyone who kills and has wits, such as Arrow (and Bane), could potentially beat Batman.

And also, why are people on here saying that Batman was trained with many weapons? Maybe I haven't read enough comics but all I've ever seen Bats use is a sword, grapnel (which isn't really a weapon), batarang, bo staff (maybe), smoke grenade...and that's about it. In addition, some may think that all Arrow uses is his bow. Not true. Arrow could easily have all Bats gadgets too (such as his arrow daggers) because he has just as much money and resources as Bruce does. Also think of this...if Ollie can shoot an arrow in the hole of a mans earring (which I'm pretty sure was in Green Arrow: Long Bow Hunter)...I'm pretty sure he could shoot a batarang or smoke grenade out of Bats hand. But those are just my thoughts.


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Though I totally agree with you about Supergirl and Power, I will say that yeah blowing up the planet, whether it be the sun or a war, is still sorta a big deal tot the story and character. But with that being said...I personally feel that Kal-El kinda should be the only survivor (I suppose you could have Zod for conflict purposes) because none of those other characters (especially for the god awful animals like Krypto) are really not important nor necessary to the mythos of Superman. In addition to that, those "side characters"...and please correct me if I am wrong on this...were created during the time when comics were dying out so personally I still don't understand why they are still around.

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So I was going to create a YouTube account and discuss things like this but not only would I be to lazy to keep up with making videos week after week...but also YouTube reviewing these days is just to cliche for me.

Anyways, I came here to basically discuss my opinion on some rumors that have been floating around and also just what I would like to see in a (possible) JL film.

So I'd like to things start off where it all kinda began. The Dark Knight Trilogy. Ive been hearing rumors that the JL movie (if its going to be made) will reboot Christopher Nolan's Trilogy. I ask why? I might be alone in saying this but I love Christian Bale as Batman. I'm not saying that only Bale can play Batman!...but it seems like keeping Bale is the logical choice rather then rebooting Batman (= illogical and unnecessary). And yes both Bale and Nolan have already said that they are "done" with Bats but...I'm pretty sure that they said the same thing twomovies ago. But what happened?...Nolan kept saying, "I was wrong...the Batman had to come back." I paraphrased of course.

Now with that being said...there is still the problematic ending to the Dark Knight Rises. But...Ive come up with two ways they could fix it...if a JL movie is made of course. The first..."its simple...we kill the Batman." Let Levitt dawn the cowl for a few...then take him out of the picture. The second, is a radical turn. But a radical ending such as the Dark Knight Rises calls for a radical turn. And that turn is...Red Hood. Make Levitt turn into the villain (not the main villain of course) and start killing criminals. I you might be wondering...'how would this go along with the story of the JL movie?' Well to answer that we must knowwhat the story is or should be.

I will get to my opinion of what I think the JL story could be similar to. But first lets discuss some more speculation. Another rumor Ive heard involves that of the main antagonist in the JL film. It seems (please correct me if I'm wrong) as though the majority of people want Darkseid to be the main villain in the JL movie...I suppose to compete with Marvel's The Avengers film. Again...I ask why? We have already seen that. We've seen that cliched alien invasion which brings our heroes together in the Avengers why would DC repeat that just to "compete" with Marvel. To me...for DC to compete and surpass Marvel they need a good story. If there's one thing some of the Marvel movies have lacked its story and structure. I personally feel...that an interesting story which orchestrated the JL together in a unique and exceptional way...was Kingdom Come. The basic premise of this story...for those unaware...was that "new heroes" had risen and began to bring chaos upon the Earth (this is where our Robin John Blake/Red Hood character could come into play). Thus the JL came together (well actually came back together) to bring balance and order back. This could explain why characters we haven't seen yet...such as the Amazon Diana...reveal themselves to the world to save it (doing the opposite of what Marvel did...bring in characters in one movie then give em spin offs).

Another reason I'd love to see a Kingdom Come type story/film is not only because that would be a great title for the Nolan film...but also because of Magog. With the new upcoming Man Of Steel movie most have been discussing Doomsday...which is great I have been to. But...again...I might be alone in saying this but I think I'd much rather see Magog in the Man Of Steel Trilogy (assuming that it will be a trilogy) then I would Doomsday. For one main reason. I feel that Magog has a little more emotional depth and awareness then a character like Doomsday which makes him more dangerous and witty (think Bane). Although I will say that Magog's origin would probably need some polishing. Nevertheless, Magog was the New Man Of Tomorrow who sent Kal-El into a 10 year exile like a little girl. He did something Doomsday never did...he humiliated the Man Of Steel. But this of course is just one route they could go.

Or! Or! We scrap everything I just wrote and make two separate DC film Universes. A Fantasy Universe with a JL that consists of characters like the Man Of Steel, the Emerald Knight, the Amazon Diana, and the Fastest Man Alive...and a Realistic Universe with a JL or Outsiders group that consists of characters such as The Dark Knight, Nightwing, the "Cat Burglar", Huntress, and Arrow.

But of course opinions change. Even mine. Opinions also differ. So please tell me what you guys think of all this and also what you'd like to see in a JL film. Also please understand that I do not intend on getting anyone's hopes to high. I hate that crap. In fact, I believe that that is what killed the Dark Knight many rumors, to many hopes, and not enough quietness.