Explain The Lord Of The Rings

I know most will go crazy over this.

Can some one (or ones) please explain the whole series to me...preferably in chronological order and detail. Basically from start to finish (if you can or are able...because I know there is a lot to it). Though I have not read the series (nor seen the movie) yet I do plan to in the near future. But I really don't care if you guys tell me everything in/about it...because it won't ruin it for me.

Btw I did read (lol some of) The Hobbit but I got confused with the characters for some reason...maybe it's because I was only in 4th or 5th grade.

It would mean a lot for you guys' response thanks.


Immortality Or Legacy???

Superman is Clark Kent. Batman is Bruce Wayne. Spider-Man is Peter Parker...etc. Is this the way it will always be say a year from now, 5, 10, or maybe even 50 years from now?

Now to me Superman is a little different as are some other super heroes...but should all these characters live forever (or remain in continuity)??? Or should it be the legacy they create/or created that lives on, and that other characters either take or at least mimic (such as Robin)? Because if you think about it the more and more we make fiction become reality whether through science and what not...the more real the characters are gonna get. And if they are supposed to be in a real world shouldn't everything/one die...just like in a real world???

But you know...i know some people don't like seeing "their" characters alternative persona (like Batman) being taking on by some random new character but...wouldn't it kinda be more special if that did happen??? Because then each new and old generation would have their own Batman (or some new form of Batman...whatever) that they grew up with...you know. Maybe some were better then most but either way you had your own like personal character. Just food for thought.

Please tell me what you guys think.



What form of government is Krypton under? Or what form of government do you guys think it should be under?

Also what is their history...what do you guys think its history is or should be like?

Feel free to suggest anything involving Krypton and just what you think about it & ill give you my own feed back as well.


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Comic Book Writing???

Hey does anyone know how to become a real, like legit comic book writer? Any tips or knowledge as to what is required? Like what do you have to do to break into writing for a mainstream company...like DC?

Please tell me what you know and can.