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is like DC doesn't even care about the readers anymore, the will cancel almost any series that drops sell numbers..

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@novi_homines: Falcon is going to be in Captain America:The Winter Soldier so I'm guessing it's Luke Cage! SWEET CHRISTMAS!

We don't have to be guessing around, did anyone saw those yellow pants? I mean who but Cage would wear pants THAT yellow?

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Thank you god! I've missed the power boobs so much!

I can't find any human way possible to see this comment as funny or logical, I can't even take it serious, why would say something like that? Why is people randomly saying things like that? I know the other costume wasn't good but why just stare at the boobs of a fictional character? Power girl is more than just boobs!

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That awkward moment when Power Girl is written a thousand times better outside of her own book...

Couldn't be more truth.. I mean, I even like Kara way more pre World's Finest when in mr terrific!

Yup, I'm only reading for the deep story.

Now that! That's funny :b

Am I the only one who hates it when sub par interiors can't come close to matching fantastic cover art? I don't mind so much the fact that it's misleading the consumer; few individuals would but a book based solely on the cover art and nothing else. However, it does create a contrast in the mind of the reader wherein the interior art seems all the worse for the comparison.

No, you're not.. imagine a covert by Alex Ross for and inside, the book is by Skottie Young, not that this art is bad or that Scottie's art is bad is just... the covert shouldn't be better than the actual book

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I am disappointed comic vine, I mean come one! is just leaked stuff and first looks.. this is EXACTLY what happens with the Power Ranger Fans crying over what's going on with the 'Super Megaforce' stuff when they don't even have a clue on how its gonna end up like! the way I see it, this could either blow or be a nice movie and bring a whole new generation of fans to the TMNT universe, in fact I know for sure lots people are digging the cartoon after so many people said it was gonna be awful and ''not even half the great show the 80's cartoon was'' because the show wasn't going to be as dark as the 2003 cartoon, now, I'm not buying the whole Megan Fox thing but at least she doesn't look like she did in Transformers, you know, the whole 'sex symbol' and stuff, not saying she's perfect for it but hey! is it REALLY that bad? can we just wait at least till something is ACTUALLY confirmed and not start making judgment on the 'first look at...'? if that is the foot it makes more sense for an organisation like that to be sorta 'black ops' nowadays, especially in live action movie-verse, if that isn't the foot, that might as well be the government or a version of the purple dragons, we don't even know how shredder is going to look like for pete's sake! why believe this will suck just cause Bay and Fox are involved? He's a better producer than director... in fact YOU'RE NOT EVEN MENTIONING OR PAYING ATTENTION TO THE DIRECTOR if a movie sucks the fault lies in the 'Producer-Director-Editor' AND writer team, not just the biggest name you can find in the credits, that's not how it work folks, did you liked 'Wrath of the Titans'? Well if you did then you know TMNT is not gonna suck (might not be perfect but, won't suck) if you didn't then Jonathan Liebesman is the one to blame and he's the one you should actually worry!

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Now that's going to be a REAL 'world's finest' seeing how supes and batman interact has always been interesting for me plus the art looks so good I can't hardly wait to pick this up !! I think this and Superman unchained are two new series to look forward (btw bet you anything they'll make phantom stranger or constantine pop up in one of those two series to promote the other books)

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Her costume could be worse, this feels like an armored combination of both; New 52 Nightwing costume and her own New 52 version... gameplay on the other hand, good to know this Bat-family character is not just a batman like repeated way of fighting, they coulda gone with another character like a dakotaverse or wildstorm one but seeing that trailer, Batgirls seems quite good especially when you have both Batman and Nightwing already in the game

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Why do i always see toddler drawings of superheroes like this??? No offense against the artist, but putting superheroes out there like this kind of defeats the purpose. I mean they're "Super". Not toddlers. I mean if i opened a Deadpool comic and Wade was running around with toy guns shooting other baby heroes... I dont even know.

Lot of people think is cute or awesome and me, both, you just don't happen to like it that's all, but you have to know that it all comes to the artist, I mean, have you seen any of a tiny titans issue? it was the artist intention to make the superheroes and villains more 'kid friendly' and between the art and the stories that was a great and hilarious book, now, when it comes to Agnes, she does this all the time cause is her style, is what she likes, and like I said, lots of people find it cute I mean, look, you have Batman lil Gotham as well and I haven't found someone that doesn't like it and also, I'll drop one of my favorites from Agnes work as well, tell me that's not cute

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Please let this guy join Jason's team!


They're Outlaws, he's a mercenary, yeap! I see that happening :D

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Why not Batman VS Deadshead?