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@elayem98 said:

I wanted to vote for secret of the indigo tribe, but it wasnt there so i went with blackest night

I wanted the same but I would never vote for Blackest Night so I went for Sinestro Corps War

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@barkley said:

they took young justice off for this s...

Agreed... I'll admit that there are some funny moments (mainly with Raven) but other than that, I'm not interested. I'd at least want a continuation of the original Teen Titans. Actually... I just want Young Justice back!!

Hasn't every article about young justice being cancelled explained it why it was cancelled? Mostly due to poor sales of merchandise and views were starting to go down, blaming the next show in a network for another one being cancelled is just wrong and kinda stupid if you ask me, its a network after all and all they care about its the market, views and products sales.. imagine you watching young justice while they had a shampoo out there that wasn't selling, or toys and underwear that were always available because no one was getting them, it also happened to green lantern the animated series, personally I never actually liked young justice, the show was just a bit too dark, doesn't mean it wasn't good tho just that I enjoyed more Green Lantern, and both shows had a lot of potential... now, this also that kids like funny stuff and they were getting into other shows like Adventure Time and Regular show or even Super Hero Squad and Ultimate Spider-man on Disney XD, just because most people like the show, doesn't mean everyone was enjoying it, I mean Young Justice was a bit too dark. Its not that I'm liking this show very much, is only that, you need to blame cartoon network for cancelling a series and not the successor, that's like blaming an apple for being too red

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She's awesome, really cool !! And an amazing character with so much potential.. I still like Sif better tho

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@mercy_ said:

Sara, why would you do this to me and give me all my Cass feels T__T

I miss her so damn much.

goes to read the whole run

I would give anything to get the old Batfamily back!

All this feels...

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OMG this trio right here!

*----* awesome !!!

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Daredevil probably wouldn't hold back as much as Dick. So in the end DD wins.

This are exactly my thoughts, Dick tend to hold back a lot contrary to Jason Todd, so it means (and DD fights a bit dirty sometimes) he loses even with a chance of winning

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@supbatz said:

I want to see a series taking place before Episode I. That era is seldom explored.

Still, I'll definitely be checking this out.

So do I.. I mean, the great sith war and stuff? it doesn't have to go as far as Knights Of the Old Republic but still, pre episode I sounds really neat

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this will suck as bad as AVX

Nothing can suck as much as AvsX

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Then they'll cancel Justice League Dark after the trinity war and change it for a book with an 'all new creative team', then more Superman, then more Justice League, by january Superman Unchained will go too but books like Catwoman and Red Lantern will stay oh, and they'll put Snyder on yet another book and he'll drop Batman and just like Deathstroke, when things were getting good? they'll cancel RHATO too !! :'D let's face it, I don't know anyone that's picking up more than 5 DC books, not everyone gets the sames book but people are actually dropping DC bit by bit..

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@inkink said:

Why is it white people are the ones that always jump on the bandwagon for changing races of characters?. Most of the black people I know ( I am biracial so I will not include myself) don't give a F*** about the skin color of there favorite superheroes. Truth be told race DOES NOT MATTER but when making a movie from a source material its important to stick close to it. Look at the Avenger the actors look like the character they are playing if people want that its fine and understandable. Its not racist so do not throw that word around at others that do not think MBJ is the right fit, being racist means you hate a person because of there skin no one hates this actor here.

I don't really care about the race, they can even genderbend the characters if they want, the guy is just a bad pick even if they're planning on changing the character a bit, I just don't see him in a role like that, Electro is being played by Jamie Foxx and not many people I know are complaining because he's not a bad actor, race is not important as long as you know who you're picking to play the character, I mean, Marvel could bring up Dwayne Johnson to play Luke Cage and people would mind but it wouldn't be a bad pick or would it?