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Wally West is not gone so he doesn't count, the flash series we're reading ((assuming you're reading it too) is like a flash back, Flash is just getting warmed up so i say round issue 20 or 25 we'll see wally again ... about barbara i don't know what to say .... about the titans, flashpoint's end left it clear right? 3 reality's merge to form a new one so the origanal rooster is out there its just that no one knows what happened to the team its a so called ''tragedy'' or something like that ... I definitively agree with Nightwing's costume :( but he probably wanted a change after being batman for son long (just supposing) he wanted Nightwing to be renewed .... about the lack of secret six, can't talk I'm more interested in the suicide squad. It will all come to us just keep enjoying the comics if you don't like them ... read some marvel I heard the new ultimate spider man is just another peter parker but ''darker'' lol

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for me it depends .... is iceman still a student in the institute? he's been with the x-men? is it the one from the movie?

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@serum said:

@Outside_85 said:

Freeze makes a quip with an incredibly thick Austrian accent, getting Cap to halt in wonder about what Freeze just said before getting frozen mostly solid so Freeze has someone to practice bad one-liners on.

Captain America would be like Bane.. would be easily defeated by Freezer

I can make a big list of all the characters that would be defeated by Mr.Freeze:











-Poison Ivy


-Captain America (without shield)

-Red Skull









-Black Cat


-Two Face


-Lady Deathstrike

-Silver Samurai

-Harley Quinn



ETC.. ETC... ETC...

the list is endless .. and even so, Mr.Freeze is a villain to third level .. Haa Haa Haa .. by god!

But this is only between the Captain and Freezer .. and Captain without the shield is not nobody..

Easy there,you adding to much of gun not gun, ''GOD'' power to freeze, deadpool? he'll just say a stupid joke and get his way out to fight freeze(he might loose the first 13426147354 times but he'll win for sure(((maybe rock, paper scissor))) xD) .... it has been proved that two face can beat freeze, he's done it before... mysterio? sorry but its a hard tell so you shouldn't mention .... sure i don't say hawkeye but daredevil?? u nuts??? .... fist fight the cold one wins but normal weapon villains combat penguin can endure and win a fight with victor ..... surely you're not much of dc are you? or you're just that much of a mr. freeze fan? joker? almost no dc hero has defeated him except for the ones on the Bat family and Batman itself, villains not say, hes whacked, he's mad but he's toff in his way, two face couldn't take him down, neither could penguin .. riddler not say, maybe Bane or Killer Croc might but for sure never Mr. Freeze ..... again too much credit to the old victor, I mean Deathstroke its the terminator !! He can go mano a mano with Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) and Aquaman, wolverine I'm sorry but about a fight with those two, there's not a single thing I can say without insulting you ..... robin? you know how many robins batman has a partner? the movie is the only place where he could beat dick up ... surely he would never win against jason ... maybe tim might lose without his weapon but damian? he's kinda a sociopath his training with the league of assassins has prepare him to fight against all of batman rouges starting with bane .... and I'm sorry you have your right to ''think'' and share what you think but surely you shouldn't do it without reading more comics first ... don't act like a noob and save your personal feelings down the character ... just cause he's a strong guy doesn't mean he can win all characters in the comic book universe

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might say freeze du to da fact his cul n' stuff .......... right I think freeze would win BUT Cap its no coward, plus his agility/not human ability/combat training/weapon management/ blah blah blah its gonna be hell o a fight, I'm sure he'll find something to use or some weak point cause just as Bats,he's a tactician and + ''''''''''he's not Bucky'''''''' (sorry to bucky's fands) steve is a man of war

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The fight never happens, stark sees a hot girl passing by and .... so spidey left to a date with MJ (running late as always), u mad? *le troll face*

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this fight never even began, I gave wolverine a cuban cigar and had a beer with Nemesis, u mad?

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Batman sure knows how to fight not say he'll lose to Green Goblin but he might give him a hard time .... Venom and Blackheart might be his biggest treat even sandman but who knows

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@G-Man said:

Hate for the character already? The issue isn't even out yet...

please, can anyone else think like him? ^ u.u

@buttersdaman000: one word; Publicity

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@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

@notarandomguy said:

annoying deadpool's voice after that we're all good (y)

Deadpool voice should sound that way, if a rememebr well the first time he got a voice wasnt that normal, like in the Hulk vs Wolverine movie or the Marvel vs Capcom 3.

hahahaha doesn't matter in my head he sounds different when i read the comics than when you read :p still a really funny video :D

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annoying deadpool's voice after that we're all good (y)