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let me s... nop, marvel still dead to me :l

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Marvel just died to me :'l

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Tim is busy with the titans and we're not sure of how his relation with Bruce is going, maybe he wants to do like Nightwing did and don't go running to batman

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Only ''good'' part of Final Crisis was when Barry returned, no one can't say it wasn't u_u, I believe Batman R.I.P wasn't that great but it had its moments, could had been better but again, it had its moments.... a friend of mine wants to say war of lights, please tell him he is wrong (it doesn't even count as a one year later story but he won't shut up) D: !!! brothers in blood was good till they decided Dick shouldn't die and started the never ending rewriting , if you won't kill him why you think about it in the first place? just saying but maybe I'm wrong

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I can't believe there's only six people that notice the fact that Archangel shouldn't be there... I mean everyone notice it with thor.... is it that hard to pick up X-Force?

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para leer esto mejor leo avengers/jla batman vs cap is way more interesting that logan vs cap ....I mean... really?? why?? I still don't get it marvel :l I really don't u_u

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kill me please !!! this means deathstroke is gonna be cancelled (not that I care but I like how the new book is going) Hawkman will be a piece of crap again and for the first time I was getting interested in the character and more important when I see ''Grifter gets cancelled'' i am going to die.... my personal favorites of the new 52 are flash, aquaman, the shade, grifter and green lantern.... *preparing myself to lose one of my favorites*

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Well is too bad for Hank and Dawn it had potential but meeeh they didn't do their homework also, if batgirl is going to hang out with the BoP, then probably she should had been cancelled... By the way.... has anyone notice the fact that Batman Inc. was coming out sooner or later anyway, right? Leviatan is still out there and here was some sort of a treat coming and I also think we don't need another bat title but the sooner they're done w Batman Inc. then the sooner we might see something different in all Batman titles. Btw there was a big genius who said ?Todd's running around with a bat symbol so he counts as another bat title'' what do you think of that? .-. I think he is wrong

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Static Shock and Mister Terrific had bad creative teams. Thats it. If they had better writers and artist it would have been different. I was going to try Static Shock with the writer change but now that its canceled I guess it doesn't matter. Static has always been a favorite of mine but its hard to write a good Static Shock comic. He needs to be funny, smart and most importantly A TEENAGER. Something that most writers have a problem getting a handle on. I actually think Lobdell would write a good Static Shock book.

I agree^^^

@Durakken said:

That was obvious...

Men Of War was good, but more than likely noone read it

Mister Terrific was probably the worst or second worst comics of the 52...They shouldn't have canceled it though they should have replaced the write with the guy who wrote Robotman.

O.M.A.C. LMAO... what utter crap...

Hawk And Dove interesting concept ruined by not wanting to do research and an obvious lack of ability on the part of the writer and artist.

Blackhawks. I liked this one for what it was, but kinda sucks that we lost Zinda Blake and the real Birds of Prey for this and as pointed out. Didn't really fit.

Static Shock had potential, but it felt corporate controlled with wanting this but not that, dissecting the character and crumpling him up and then not really giving it a chance. They should have focused on the cartoon continuity because no one knew the comic one and there was a reason for that...

Also this ^^^

@Guardiandevil83: NO WAY IN HELL D: he is awesome and cool and awesome and awesome and awesome if Grifter gets cancelled and Batgirl doesn't then I'll say goodbye to some of the new 52 books.

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So DC has no continuity now and Marvel is filling us with crossovers? I think I'll stay with my collection from the 70's till now... btw I'm only 14 I'm I choosing wrong? xd

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Oh poor Storm :/