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Let's just hope is his FIRST suit and he changes it a bit with time

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So, I'm not the only one who noticed it looked more like Wally's suit. GOOD. And I'm actually okay with the white gone from the symbol, is not a mayor change and it looks good since its a lighter shade of red.

Um....why does this look reddish purple?

The first image (posted below) looks crimson red (and pretty sharp), and this looks reddish purple. I want to like this image above but I do not. I don't like the red filler for inside the lightning bolt circle-especially cause it is a different color red. maybe it is the lighting, but this is a swing and a miss. please fix it

I believe is the lighting, and I hope it is fixed since they can't just be color swapping

I really like it. I'm actually surprised they're going with such a literal interpretation. Guess I'm still expecting the CW to Smallville all these superhero costumes.

Good thing about the internet is you're never alone, I like the way Green Arrow was in Smallville (till some point) and by the time they announced Arrow, I was expecting a bit of a copy paste and a crappy writing that wouldn't last more than a season but HECK WAS I WRONG Arrow soon became my favorite show. Now, about the costume I think it feels a bit more like Wally's suit than Barry's but is okay, I love how its just as the source material and is WAY better than the Flash we previously got.

@bunkitz said:

Not. Enough. YELLOW. Seriously, it looks pretty bad for me. At least from this angle. And because of the lack of yellow. I mean, come on, where are the lightning bolts on his forearms? The boots are supposed to be yellow! I mean, I know it's their version and all that, but they could've done something to balance the red and yellow...

Hopefully it'll look better once we see the whole thing. I just hope there IS a belt there...

Trust me mate, its just a bad angle, suit looks good, I was expecting a bit more yellow, I'm okay with it being darker shade of red but still YELLOW. I'm betting that with more light boots and armlets are darker shade of yellow as well or at least, a bit gold but since it seems its based on Wally's suit I'll be fine if only boots and armlets are yellow. Also, BELT! There should be one... God, what a horrible angle for a first look... Guess we can expect a second look with him either running or standing up.

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For a TV show it looks good. Smallville superman looked nothing like Sups and no one cried. He looked like Neo had a kid with Supergirl and there was the product. At least this costume is quite close to the source.

And I'll leave you all this picture (don't know where it came from but heck, internet sure doesn't waste any time, also it should have a bit more yellow)

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Can it be? Is it really true? No, seriously after all this years a WELL written Wolverine... please let it be, I love the character so much, while neither my favorite X-Men or superhero (marvel character either) he's awesome and I love his 90's stories, its just that last decade were... well, bleh.

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Robinson is the man!

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Is Iron Man better now? I left after issue 9

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@g_man said:

@outside_85: Curious, didja read the annual? What did ya think?

I didn't due to a combination of being Bat-focused and a scary pricetag. I know it's not Bruce and I have heard how this Batman is different, but to me, part of the appeal of Earth-2 was the absence of DC's Trinity and especially Batman that tends to overshadow everything else.

Note: also I dont find a more brutal Batman to be terribly interesting since we have seen it before. What would be an invention now would be Batman as a villain.

Annual wasn't just bat focused, he was in the cover yes, but there was much more, also, not exactly that brutal Batman, Flashpoint Batman was worse

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I just saw Shredder's design... that was insanely cool!

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ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH !!!!! RETCONS !!! No matter how cool and good of a story this is, I don't like my characters back story being messed with!!

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Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! Like, this MUST be the most awesome comic EVER!!!!!! It's got RAD on it!!!

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Didn't know 90's kid was on CV xD

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I still don't like Hawkeye and Widow IN SPACE but I'll take what Marvel's got