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@teerack said:

@arturocalakayvee: The current Deadpool book sucks. It's like a meme transformed into a comic. I don't find a 20 page 4chan post entertaining.

Read the digital mini series 'The Gauntlet' is way better than the whole Deadpool volume even if I liked The good, the bad and the ugly, book is just... meh.

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Iron Man 3 is far better than the first one and Thor 2, also the Dark World isn't nearly as good/funny/exciting as the first one. And I dislike Avengers too as an Avengers fan but as a movie fan, I think is a good movie.

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@ostyo: He was a lot bigger than Megan Fox

Also notice how they didn't even advertise the director?

That's cause director is just Bay without the explosions. His job really sucks

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Love me some Ice Man anytime! Bobby is simply great :D other than him, Warren and Kurt are tied as my 3 favorite X-Men

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Not so exited but I AM gonna watch it. Mikey did felt like it was Mikey. Not so sure about how human they look or why are they so big but anyhow, this movie looks like it COULD be good. So, even when I'm not the biggest fan of this movie, I'm in.

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Expect this Silver Surfer ongoing to have more Doctor Who references than Superior Spider-Man

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Manga verse Spider-Man? Checked
Captain Universe Spider-Man? Checked

Spider-Man 2211? Checked

Spidercide? Checked !!!!

Miles? YEAP

May Parker? Ohyes!! CHECKED :D

Iron Spider? How could he not be there? Checked!

Both Spider-Man Noir AND Spider-Man 2099? Checked (I'm so exited)

Wow... even one of the two Spider-Ape(s) is there!

Spider-Ham can't be left out lol

That one... with all the black, looks like an alternate version of Miles, could it be?

Spider Spider-Man is in the mix too

I see six arms... could that be, Pestilence?

Ends of Earth Avenger Spider-Man is there too

BOTH Jessica's are in the background

That red and black Spider-Man DOES looks like Spock.

Also (leaving the best for last) BOTH SCARLET SPIDERS !!

There are some more I'm not very familiar with and also, what looks like FF Spider Man, Back in Black Spider-Man, the bulletproof suit Spider Man, Bombastic Bag Man and a Spider chick next to blond Spidy.

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She reminds me a bit of Copycat not sure why... And I like it!

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As Robin ? Has to be Tim Drake. Even when in Teen Titans as Robin, Dick outgrew the shadow of the bat, to point where he didn't felt like Robin anymore, that's why when he became Nightwing I was surprised much. Now, as Robin and Red Robin, Tim did great! Not only being one of the best detectives in the DC Universe but also, the dynamic he had with Batman felt so good it clearly felt like the Dynamic Duo from Dick and Bruce never ended. After that, I would say, Damian but I think him and Jason are a tie in my list since both, while very different are alike.

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CHANGE THE ARTIST, GOD!! Series looks good but the arts makes me nauseous.