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so many very good ideas. Any Superman fan can come up with numerous ideas for a fun, functional game. Developers don't seem to have much creative licence or pure creativity to do things correctly. If the real fans are heard then a game could be very classic, very dynamic and varied. The thing is they seem to want to "win over" people who are not predisposed towards liking the Man of steel anyway. so I say forget them and hear the fans out. A Superman's rogue Gallery with back stories on each villain would only need to include about ten of his most dedicated foes. Start out little and grow from there: Bloodsport. Terra Man. Atomic Skull. Metallo. Parasite. Silver Banshee. Solomon Grundy. Bizarro. Lobo. Mongul. Maxima. Darkseid. Any Phantom Zone villain. You do a cutscene or two that explains the villain's history and hatreds; the villain strikes out for Earth or Metropolis; Lois and Clark investigate; all hell breaks loose leading to a job for Superman. In between there's the FEMA -styled clean up, re-construction, police work to get the player trained. Need an overarching storyline? Brainiac toys with Superman's mind. If you fail a level, you wake up in Kent's apartment or the Fortress of Solitude. And if you play Superman as a villain you are forced into an alternate storyline resembling Red Son.

I want the game, more than a million players want a decent Superman game I 'd guess. Developers must ignore the naysayers and negative nellies. Ask the fans what to do and we will tell you. The good ideas will be evident. They are all over this forum.