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@naamah: The sudden strength which exploded from Ruby's form was more than sufficient to shake her attackers loose and send them crashing across the room in either direction, tumbling over ruined lab equipment. The shockwave she produced ensured that this time, both stayed down, their internal organs all but liquified. The reprieve was short live, however, as feral hisses and the sinister red glow of eyes emerged from the ruptured ceiling. Three more of the abominations dropped from above, seeking to latch onto Ruby's now much broader shoulders.

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@naamah: The chaotic scene descended into pure pandemonium as the scarlet avatar shattered the floor, sending all the but the one creature she singled out for annihilation tumbling onto the lower floor. The combination of the fall and the dropping debris left three shattered bodies alongside the one who Ruby's powerful wrestling move had all but reduced to genetic paste. Of the two who remained, one seemed to be more or less intact, while the uppermost two of the other's right limbs hung uselessly. Nevertheless, it snarled with no less ferocity as it pushed itself upright, and both charged, one from the left, and one from the right.

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@naamah: The first half-dozen of the genetic terrors burst into the lab, glowing red eyes fixed on the avatar. They scuttled forward on six clawed limbs, but the one in the lead reared up on its rear two, brandishing four of its wicked appendages as a mouth lined with misshapen fangs opened to released a bestial roar. The creatures spread out, three charging along the floor, as two used their claws to clamber along the walls like squirrels, with the remaining one actually skittering along the ceiling. The lead creature leapt for the crimson-skinned goddess' throat...

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@naamah: The artificially-created horrors that called the station home were not highly intelligent creatures. They knew little beyond a predatory desire to hunt, kill and feed. The scent of the new arrival did not strike them as anything unique or dangerous; to them, it was simply the scent of life that was not them, which made it prey. They began to creep forth, from the alcoves, compartments, and other dark areas of the station, slowly coming together to form a chaotic hunting pack, intent only on finding the new arrival and rending it limb from limb.

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@schlampe: (It's because I know the true nature of your soul :-P).

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According to Psyentist, I write a traumatized young woman very convincingly. I am still not sure how to feel about that...

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@jack_: Nicely done.

Allow me to add my own...contribution to the festivities. >;)

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@catriona_knightfall: Every once in awhile I go over there, look around, and then come right back here. ;)

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I remember these; a great read, even the second time around! ^_^

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@mryashimora: I'd say go for it; take it one step at a time and see where the cosmic wind blows you.