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@connoisseur: I'm telling you, if I could get internet access in a cave in the middle of the woods...

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@connoisseur: I solved that issue by moving at least 800 miles away from anyone I have any history with.

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Not so very long ago, a great battle was fought, a battle in which the very existence of the planet Earth hung in the balance. Most of the world’s inhabitants remain blissfully unaware that this conflict even occurred, as the most intense combat occurred in outside of the planet itself. There, the modern goddess Lady Liberty fought a desperate battle against the dual onslaught of Nordok the Ancient and his Destructor, Malicia (who has since rejected her former master and now goes by the name of Trinity).

Had the battle taken place upon the planet’s surface, it is likely that the loss of life and destruction of property would have exceeded that of any war fought in Earth’s history, as blows that would have leveled mountain ranges were exchanged and destructive energies unknown to science were unleashed. Ultimately, at great personal cost, Lady Liberty was victorious. The Ancient One was physically destroyed.

However, Ancients are beings of energy, and the loss of a body means no more to them than the loss of clothing does to a human. Nordok’s dire essence retreated to his base planet to brood upon his defeat and plot his vengeance. All that remained of his form was a skull, a daemonic-looking but otherwise inconspicuous remnant of the titanic struggle fought in the airless void. Having served for so long as the repository for an incalculably potent and limitlessly malevolent mind has left an indelible mark upon the fanged cranium, and it is now a most potent artifact of evil power.

Any being who possesses the skull will notice an intoxicating increase in ability, as it enhances the physical, psychic, and magical strength of the bearer by a factor of one hundred. Said bearer will also seem to be possessed of nearly limitless endurance and energies, capable of exerting godlike efforts almost indefinitely. Such power comes at a terrible price, however. Should the skull leave the possession of one who has wielded its power, it takes with it all the energy it had formerly imbued, often leaving said unfortunate dying of horrific over-extension of power or an accumulation of hitherto unnoticed wounds. Additionally, the skull remains linked to Nordok, and should the Ancient One so choose, he can use it as a conduit to the bearer’s mind, slowly corrupting or just outright crushing the resident will.

At present, the skull is in the possession of the Necrommander, whose own considerable arcane mastery allowed him to locate it in the depths of space. The Necrommander need not fear the corruptive influences of the skull, as he is already in the Ancient One’s service, but he is biding his time as he mulls over its most effective application…

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I have to concur; this is becoming a bit ridiculous. It feels like there's a new site-derailing bug every week.

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This has affected practically everyone I know here, and has even driven several people off the site.

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@clara_mass: I can help you polish those public relations skills, if you wish. ;)