Magneto-like woman

What issue was it where this Magneto-like woman who had his same type of powers fought and overpowered and defeated Superman because she could control the hemoglobin in his body?


What comic was it

Where Superman supposedly survives the two planets exploding and colliding upon him? Or that it was the Source who saved him or something? Whatever it was that happened, what comic was it?


Retcon after retcon

I am curious. With retcon after retcon in comics, what does that mean? COIE destroyed the multiverse. This was in 1985. Infinite Crisis brought back the multiverse. This was in 2005. Does that mean that all of those feats of each and every comic character in those 20 years now become obsolete and irrelevant? Since it is another retcon, wouldn't that completely eliminate any previous feats from characters? Would Infinite Crisis completely make COIE obsolete in the history of mainstream comics? I get confused with what retcons are supposed to actually do. Since COIE eliminated Pre-Crisis Superman from the history of mainstream comics, and he is no longer a canon character, wouldn't the same thing be said for the 20 years of comic history between COIE and Infinite Crisis? That those feats are no longer canon feats?


Superman seeing chi

"In The Question limited series Superman was able to see chi."   
That is what is posted on Superman's power list on his page. 
Anyone have the scan of this? Is this in continuity or an elseworlds story?


Superman's combat speed

Does he have any confirmed on-panel feats that his combat speed is FTL? He has shown on-panel that he can fly FTL, and it was written as well (some instances I can think of are when Batman talked about him accelerating to light speed when he flew into the shadow moon, and one when he escaped a black hole), but out of all the instances I have seen of his combat reaction speed, it does not state that he moves FTL. Does anyone have any scans that state his combat speed is FTL? If there are none, we can solely rely on assumptions to make this conclusion, and I don't like relying on assumptions. I like facts.


The events of Hunter/Prey

Would you say that was all PIS? Could Doomsday really smack around Darkseid like that? Of course Doomsday could smack around Superman, but Darkseid? I know Darkseid is physically superior than Superman in every aspect, but I didn't think Doomsday was on his level. I think Darkseid suffers from a lot of PIS, especially his death in Final Crisis. I mean, he could have easily dodged that Radion bullet Batman fired. Why do you think Darkseid suffers from so much PIS?


Jadakiss better than Biggie?

I thought about this. Does anyone else think that Jadakiss could be better than Biggie? I mean, I personally don't think Jadakiss is better than Pac(I don't think anyone will ever be better than Pac. That dude was just ahead of his time with his lyrics), but better than Biggie? I really think Jadakiss has the flow and lyrics that can put him above Biggie Smalls. Anyone else feel what I am saying?


Superman: Earth One. What does it mean?

Is this comic supposed to be yet ANOTHER retcon in the history of Superman? Also, why "Earth One". I thought the multiverse was destroyed in COIE. I thought that there just remained "New Earth". Can someone explain to me what is going on?