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everywhere you go they push out the prominent black character

and smile at the revenue stream from the negative feedback

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how does this account have new follows?

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@Quintus_Knightfall: I wonder what they'll call it in ten years

N.O.N.F.I.C.T.I.O.N. 91'

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cuttin through the clouds and shittin on you; breakin wind

This world is too hard? pfft you just fragile, shippin and handlin

I'm workin had for my money, you hit the bus stop; panhandlin,

Shoulders slumped head in your chest, you love bein a turtle or does your neck need a rest?

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I wouldn't mind seeing interracial couples for a change, tired of all this no blender of the races vibe. Cage and whatshername is ok but come on, like it's rare or something in the world to see a black guy with a white woman.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador said:

Part 2 of the Editman interview (He is now the Interviewer)

7. Who are some of your favorite writers?

I like Surkit, Fallenprophet, Warsman, Impero, Angeni and Shadowknight. Those are the viners, which I like to read lately; some of the things they’ve done; namely Surkit. He’s been a figurehead for the summer ever since he appeared with that idiotic Nonfiction91 name lol.

Even when I do leave the vine, I want there to be this sort of eeriness to my character, that the CV worlds knows she will appear again and when she does, the playing field will never be the same.

Gonna start using this again just because :P Much appreciated, it means alot <3

And bs, you put me on, if not for you I'd of quit after the first few days, Nonfiction-true story :P

Playing field is already changed, I stepped into this place with you as the head evil from the get go, Arrow is a badass villain, but you hold the crown at this point I think. Like EW said, the times are changing.

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@Gambler: People forget what my name is :P

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Bane comes at the two first. if he got caught off guard by supes and Flash he'd get owned.  Bane mixes his venom wit kryptonite, giving him abilities that increase his metabolism and push him upto flash speed reaction wise. Obviously the K-rock will take supes out of the game. Flash goes in with a bob and weave style, landing punches then going back, until bane swatts him and knocks him out.  
Cue Iconic Scene Where Bane Breaks The Superman

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I'm just gonna skim the last few, as far as real time events, I have no idea where everybody stands atm

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@The_razors_edge: Sorry missed your reply, haven't been on this account in a while, I'll put you on the list. How many are you comfortable doing? And do you want a story for any characters you might have from the people you draw for?