The Most Under-appreciated/Obscure Comic Book Babes

We've all seen the topics about "Comic's Sexiest/Hottest Women". We've all seen the lists with all the big names: Power Girl, Emma Frost, Ms. Marvel, Starfire, etc. With this list I will show a little love to all the under-appreciated comic hotness out there. This will be a continuous work-in-progress so feel free to post your favorite obscure or overshadowed beauties to add to the list. 
(Note: I'm not including Anime/Manga gals, so don't ask.)

List items

Posted by MrUnknown

Almost thought 42 was Zatanna! XD
Really cool list concept and I like how you write an excerpt for each explaining your thoughts.

Posted by nomadicxnightmare
@MrUnknown: Thanks for the comment! Mirage does share a certain resemblance doesn't she? Frankly I would love to include Zatanna in the list, but she does get plenty of lime-light already. 
Posted by Renchamp

I love how Domino was included second. Nice.