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If you are a conservative Republican, you just have to accept the fact that most of the comics you read are written by folks with a predominantly liberal bias. George Perez makes Galaxy Communications an evil entity, and he not too subtly compares it to Fox News in Superman #1. Alex Ross makes George W Bush a vampire sucking the blood out of the Statue of Liberty, and paints Obama like Clark Kent changing into Superman. These comic book companies want to increase readership? Cut out the political crap.

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How can you NOT like Emma Watson as Supergirl? She is very cute, a very good actress, and playing a tough witch translates well to playing a tough Superhero chick. Absolutely Emma!

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I'd like to see Katma or Arisia show up. It would be nice to have a hot female GL get flirty with Hal, Carol get jealous, and then Carol becomes Star Sapphire. It would be cool to see a Sinestro Corp, with a bloody war with the GL Corp. I'd like to see a fight between Kilowog and Arkillo. I'd like to see the Guardians say, "Hey, this human guy Hal - he's an above average Lantern. Let's select three more humans." It would be neat to have a villain start collecting the spectrum entities. It would be neat to see Hal go Darph Vader. And I wouldn't mind seeing Itty again.          

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I was very pleasantly surprised. I had been very disappointed by the poor reviews, and a Rotten Tomatoes review in the 20 percentile range. After the movie was over, I was thinking: "What movie did these people see?"  
Ryan Reynolds did a great job, as he does with every performance. There could have been more character developement, but there wasn't too much boring dialogue. The characters were fine. Blake Lively has been bashed a lot, but I thought she had a very natural and real feel to her.  
It was very funny at times. Peter Sarsgaard said he wish they had kept more of the humorous moments he came up with, and I agree. There were time I LMOA.  
I loved the constructs. Some bashed how he saved the helicopter, but I, once again, LMOA.  
I thought GL was a very satifying hero. People I went to see the movie with were pleasantly surprised as well, and one guy who thought it was going to suck was raving about it afterwards.  
Go see it! Take your dad or son!      
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Blast it. Well, at least I'll be seeing it with low expectations tonight (6/16 at 11:59 PM). I think I'll be like "G-Man", and at least like it a little as a decades-long Hal Jordan fan. And I hope they do do a sequel, and learn from whatever mistakes they have made.

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Superboy Prime. He's insane, full of rage, and would not stop until whoever he is facing is probably dead. Galactus has a little but too much restraint, and while he is thinking, "what is this puny insect doing?" Prime would fly through his head, spattering his brains across the universe.   

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I think the brothas would come out on top, but I think Black Lightning and/or Firestorm would die in the process. And I think it would be quick.
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I don't care what anybody says. If you are a heterosexual male, she looks incredibly hot and beautiful. One or more of the costumes may be too shiney or whatever, but so what? I think WB ought to just suck it up and put it on CW.

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Best trailer yet! Can't wait! Ryan Reynolds is a great actor, and will do well turning Hal Jordan from a Van Wilder guy into one of the best superheroes around. Martin Campbell has turned everything into gold that he directs. I think this will be the best movie this summer.  

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So this is why the Peter David version of Comet was so Bizarre in the late 90's SUPERGIRL. In this take, a bisexual female stand-up comic would turn into a horse-looking male humoniod, that Supergirl was at first attacted to. That was David's strange homage to the Silver Age.   

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