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Batman and Robin will Never Die! 0

The end is finally here. Grant Morrison's Batman saga is over. I couldnt be more sad to see it go. Morrison's Batman and Robin Volume 1 is what got me into buying comics on a weekly basis and that series is my favorite of all time. The end had to come sometime but was it a satisfying conclusion? Well the 5 bright yellow stars point to YESThe GoodFINALLY an issue of Chris Burnham without any fill in art! The fill in art has been a problem for the latter half of this volume of Incorporated but th...

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The definition of Disappointing 0

If you look up disappointing in my dictionary you'll a picture of the Anchoress' dopey face with the caption Batman Annual #2The GoodThe story had a decent concept. Batman being asked to break out of the Asylum made alot of sense (even though I have problems with it) and his methods of escape are cool. The idea of the Asylums forgotten oldest inmate could have been cool too if done properly. The cover is just plain AMAZING!The BadI had so many issues with this issue. The absolute biggest was the...

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Batman and Robin vol1 #1 redux 0

The Good:Grant Morrison is back on Batman and just as great as ever and its like he never left. This is pretty much a direct continuation of the previous volume and Im really glad that Morrison didnt try to reconcile every retcon coming with the New 52 with what we were seeing before Flashpoint. At the same time however he makes it clear that this does indeed take place in The New 52 with a couple of references. Morrisons crazy characters and interesting narrative are fully present and Chris Bur...

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Classic Grant Morrison! 0

This week DC attempts to reintroduce the concept of the Multiverse and they pass with flying colors!The Good:This issue was classic Grant Morrison. High concept, head scratching at times, and brilliant. Morrison truly succeeds in explaining the multiverse concept in a way that feels both classic and brand new. It's also perfect for readers unfamiliar with the concept. This issue also introduces a VERY promising new villain who I hope to see more of in the future. We also see the perfect example ...

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Fire a Horn and Superman 0

Superman's new solo has finally appeared, and he certainly is a changed man. Is the change for the better? Short answer is yes!The GoodSuperman is back to Metropolis a changed man! Well sorta. The issue starts with quite a bang as we witness the demolition of the classic Daily Planet building. It leaves you with sort of a uneasy feeling, sorta like a punch in the gut, and as you read on we learn that the reader isnt the only one who feels this way. Superman feels the exact same way. A Superman t...

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Escarabajo Azul!!! 0

A New Blue Beetle book is finally upon us and I couldnt be happier!The GoodUnfortunately I was a latecomer to the last volume of Blue Beetle and didn't read it until long after it was canceled. That book really was amazing and created an awesome character in Jaime Reyes. Seeing a new ongoing is seriously awesome. The book starts off with a very handy prologue that will help the uninitiated to understand the basic back story of the Scarab and the Reach. This was a great move and it was handled re...

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Sun in your Eyes? 0

Amazing first issue! I was honestly blown away! A fan of Greek Mythology? PICK IT UP!The GoodLet me start off by saying im not the biggest Wonder Woman fan. I respect her place in the DCU and I acknowledge why people dig her so much but I have never even been remotely interested in picking up her solo. That being said, I like Brian Azarello, I thought the art looked great, and I was interested as to why Azarello would describe this as a horror book so I thought I would give it a shot. Boy am I g...

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Some people are going to HATE it 0

Alright lets get to this right off the bat,I REALLY liked this issue I'm giving it 4 stars for a reason, but rest assured some people are going to hate the characterization of Starfire in this bookThe GoodAMAZING ART!!! I cant say it enough, I love the art in this book. It oozes with personality and the colors are outstanding, I also really like the way Jason is portrayed in this issue. He is very self assured and kind of a prick but its in a very likable way if that makes sense. It reminds me o...

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Worst Flashpoint tie-in yet 0

To be honest I really didnt go into this issue expecting to much, and what I got was actually worse than I was expecting.  The Bad: This issue was mediocre all around. The characterization of Heat wave is depressingly one note, especially considering how awesome he was written under the pen of Geoff Johns. Firestorm was absolutely wasted in this issue, only being used as a means to an end for Heat Wave to be thrown in the slammer, and the lack of reaction from Ronnie Raymond after he saw his par...

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Sad to see it go 0

Streets of Gotham concludes with more of a wimper, and less of a bang The Good: You cant talk about Streets of Gotham without mentioning Dini and Ngyuen. Their work on this series has been superb, and really a real surprise. I have to say when Streets of Gotham started I didn't think it would be as awesome as it was. Anyway on to what was good with the actual issue. The conclusion to Heart of Hush is finally here, and it is pretty satisfying. Hush returns to his bandages and we get a new villain...

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Generation Lost 18.5! 0

Now right off the bat I'm going to be honest, I've never read a single issue of the Power Girl series before this. The only reason I picked this up was because it ties in to Generation Lost which is one of my favorite series right now. So make of that what you will.  The Good: Great companion piece to Generation Lost! Picks up right where Generation Lost #18 ended and follows Power Girl in her attempt to convince Batman (Dick Grayson) about Max Lord, and the truth behind Ted Kords death. I reall...

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The idea of Batman 0

Our formal reintroduction to Bruce Wayne   The Story:  First off, I absolutely LOVED the beginning with the story of the Bat. It was expertly written, and something that could have turned out as little more than a gimmick turned out awesome. It set up a great parallel to Batman and his allies. Now the story itself started off right in the middle of action which I certainly wasn't expecting, but right away it shows us that Bruce Wayne is still as awesome as ever. The rest of the book sets up a ne...

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Satisfying Conclusion 0

The Good: What a spectacular way to conclude Grant Morrisons run on Batman and Robin! The mysteries surrounding Doctor Hurt are finally revealed (though if you have been keeping up with Morrison's Batman run you probably figured it out in #15), and Bruce Wayne is back in full swing. Loved the Joker in this issue, especially how he dealt with Hurt, and I maintain that no one writes a more compelling Joker than Grant. I also loved how so many elements created during Grant's run are referenced thro...

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