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@NightFang: They arent really using the New 52 costumes. Batman's looks more like a hybrid of The Dark Knight movie costume and his new 52 costume, while Wonder Woman is actually in her pre Flashpoint pants costume. Harley Quinn is also in her Arkham City costume so it looks like they are picking and choosing when it comes to costumes. Superman and Flash's costumes are probably the most New 52 inspired but even those are kinda different with Superman's cape and crest connecting and the Flash having a more armored look.

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@Cap10nate: Oh come on man you cant count 1/2 of those. They may be Bat family books but they all offer a ton of Variety. Red Hood is NOTHING like Nightwing or Batgirl for example. Just because alot of those characters share a similar theme of non powered characters doesnt mean that they are all the same. By your logic Green Arrow and Punisher are also Bat family books. Even books that share Batman as a main character a very different. Batman is a great mystery/action title while Batman and Robin explores the father son dynamic between Bruce and Damian while also dealing with the development of Damians character.

The Variety in the DC lineup as a whole comes from the magic/horror titles(I Vampire, JL Dark, Animal Man. Swamp Thing) a Western(All Star Western) a couple of anthologies which explore a multitude of characters and genres (DC Presents and the upcoming National Comics) a fantasy book(Demon Knights) and even a War title (the canceled Men of War and currently GI Combat)

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Yeah I really like his red look. Giving him a visual tie in to the Red was brilliant IMO

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I MUCH prefer DC. Better creator, better characters, and much more variety. Oh and btw I actually PREFER that DC has more fictional cities. This way not EVERY superhero is running around New York, and creators are allowed more freedom in the cities creating elaborate histories and we can see the cities (such as Gotham) become something truly unique.

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All Im getting this week is Batman Annual #1 and maybe Animal Man Annual.

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@RoboShark: How has Frankenstein been? To be honest thats one of the titles that I totally forgot existed after the first couple of months of the New 52

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Honestly its a little of all of that you mentioned.

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What are some comics from the New 52 that you dont think get enough mention? For me I think more people need to be reading

I Vampire: I hear this mentioned from time to time by people who think more people need to be reading it but for how good it is people really need to be reading it.

Demon Knights: I almost NEVER hear anyone talk about this book and Im not sure why. It is REALLY good!

Blue Beetle: Got off to a bit of a rough start and couldnt really compare to the awesomeness that was the last volume of Blue Beetle but I think its really improved in the past few months and I hope more people give it a chance before its canceled

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Damian is 100% straight. At least in the old DCU. He HAS shown interest in girls before. In Battle for the Cowl he was trying to impress some random girl by driving her around in the Batmobile. In Streets of Gotham he showed interest in Katana and asked Dick if she was single, and finally it was HEAVILY implied that he had a crush on Supergirl in the Superman/Batman issue where they teamed up.

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@Crimsonlord53: @papad1992: Im not sure they ever made this totally clear in Schism but the reason Logan had changed a bit and wanted the kids out of harms way was due to events in his solo book where he was forced to kill a number of his illegitimate children who had been trained with the express purpose of killing him. That traumatizing event coupled with his longstanding fondness for kids it would make sense that he would want to keep them out of the fighting not only so they dont end up dead like his own children, but also so they dont turn out like him.