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Like it a lot! I've never been super crazy about Ravens new look but it looks great here!

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@kingares109: If you really liked Lex Luthor in Forever Evil and want to discover what happens to him afterwards then yes. However it doesnt follow up on the cliffhanger of Forever Evil if thats what youre asking.

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You probably shouldnt have split up the black suit and symbiote choice. It'll split the votes for people who like essentially the same costume.

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Im super bummed about Phantom Stranger. I dropped it while all that Blight stuff (which I wanted to read but couldnt afford) but I was going to pick it up again eventually. It was one of my favorite books.

Other than that I feel kinda bad for Batwing and All Star Western. I didnt read them but I heard they were good, and Gray and Palmiotti seem like good guys. I bet DC will have them writing a new book before too long.

That being said I'm sure we are going to get that long delayed "phase 3" of the New 52 pretty soon. With the amount of titles that have been canceled they have to be replaced with something. I bet we will get something like 15 new series. Hopefully titles like Cyborg, Shazam, Red Robin, and Booster Gold. I also really wouldnt be surprised seeing a New Gods title, and a 2nd Wonder Woman book. I would also bet on seeing a relaunched Birds of Prey, or a Black Canary solo.

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@kennyshat: Even lighted up its still a black and white picture. The symbol is likely a different colour we just cant really see it yet.

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I originally wouldve said the original Spider-Man but I just went back and rewatched the original trilogy and they honestly dont hold up so well. At least in the character department. Andrew Garfeild is such a "superior" Spider-Man its crazy. Emma Stone also just blows Kirsten Dunst out of the water as the leading lady.

Its a shame but even if I think the original two Spider-Man movies are technically better films I have to vote for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I just like it better. Plus the death of Gwen Stacy is simply the most well done moment in any of the Spider-Man films.

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And nostalgia wins over quality once again! Oh well at least Spectacular got 2nd.

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@jdp180: It wasnt really a throwaway issue just because it didnt address everything thats happened previously. Its setting up new plot threads and mysteries.

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Haha its funny to me that your only negative of the issue was my favorite thing about it! LOVED this comic! The art was just phenomenal and I'm really interested to see where this is going. Its now officially going on my pull list!

Between this, Batman Eternal, and Futures End I'm more into comics than I have been in the past year!

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I liked it alot. I would definitely give it a 4. The art was crazy good and I really liked the Batman Beyond, Grifter, and Firestorm sections. The Stormwatch section kinda lost me but thats mostly because I dont like Stormwatch (not that I'll have to worry about them anymore in the story haha). Cant wait for the next issue!