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And nostalgia wins over quality once again! Oh well at least Spectacular got 2nd.

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@jdp180: It wasnt really a throwaway issue just because it didnt address everything thats happened previously. Its setting up new plot threads and mysteries.

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Haha its funny to me that your only negative of the issue was my favorite thing about it! LOVED this comic! The art was just phenomenal and I'm really interested to see where this is going. Its now officially going on my pull list!

Between this, Batman Eternal, and Futures End I'm more into comics than I have been in the past year!

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I liked it alot. I would definitely give it a 4. The art was crazy good and I really liked the Batman Beyond, Grifter, and Firestorm sections. The Stormwatch section kinda lost me but thats mostly because I dont like Stormwatch (not that I'll have to worry about them anymore in the story haha). Cant wait for the next issue!

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Did anyone else notice that the style of this movie is VERY similar to the concept art from Arkham Asylum from Carlos D'anda? Very cool

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@war_killer: haha well I would imagine A.L.F.R.E.D is a bit essential at least in the beginning. Terry needs someone to talk to before he meets up with the other heroes, or else we would be looking at him in silence or talking to himself. Plus calling it ALFRED is a bit better than calling it BatComputer or something. Gives it a little more personality. At least in my opinion.

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Hmm I wouldnt have rated it so high. At least not as high as Futures End. The main story was super short and I thought the art was just average. I probably wouldve given it a 3 to Futures End's 5.

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So cool! But we pretty much already knew this was going to happen. I think the biggest news to come out of this is that theres going to be a Shazam! movie! Now that is awesome.

Im willing to bet this is what The Rocks secret DC project is! Black Adam maybe?

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Justice League Canada by a mile. Martian Manhunter takes Hulk and Supergirl takes on Thor with the rest of the team providing support.

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@hushofthewind: Oh please Tim was Robin for like 20 years he got PLENTY of push. If you should feel bad for anyone feel bad for Damian. He was only Robin for like 4 years before being killed and never even go this own series even though he was arguably the best Robin of all time.