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@hushofthewind: Oh please Tim was Robin for like 20 years he got PLENTY of push. If you should feel bad for anyone feel bad for Damian. He was only Robin for like 4 years before being killed and never even go this own series even though he was arguably the best Robin of all time.

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So a one shot called "Robin Rises: Omega" by Peter Tomasi and Andy Kubert is coming in July along with Batman and Robin getting back its original title! This means we are either getting a new Robin, Damian's coming back from the dead, or an old Robin is taking up the name again.

I hope to all thats holy that Damians coming back haha! This would seem to be the most likely scenario given Andy Kuberts involvment but it could just be a bait and switch. Damians my favorite character in comics and hes really been missed this past year.

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Oh and its a freaking travesty to not see Andrea Sorrentino nominated for Green Arrow. Seriously the best art on the stands.

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the art......... ewww

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Oh come on Hawkeye gets WAY too much hype! Its good dont get me wrong but its really not THAT good. I liked it but the series lost me a few months ago after the long hiatus and honestly I have no reason to pick it back up.

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Absolutely none of those guys would be knocked out with one hit.

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Its disappointing Damian's as low as he is. This should hardly even be a competition THATS how much better Damian is! Heres the thing he sould really only have one solid competitor and thats Tim Drake. Jason and Dick didnt really come into their own until after they were Robin. Carrie Kelly was only Robin for one Elseworlds tale and Stephanie Brown wasnt much better than that. I would say over 1/2 the people voting for Dick and Jason are voting for Red Hood and Nightwing.

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That guy is NOT going to sell the Cosmic Cube for 30k. Hes going to have to lower the price by AT LEAST half if not more to have any chance of selling it. I imagine it selling somewhere in the 5-10k range

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Ive said before and I'll say again I wont read Ultimate Spider-Man until Peter Parker is back. I'm guessing that double page spread is a flash forward. Miles looks pretty old in that picture and it would explain a new Captain America and Thor being back.

That being said if that IS indeed Peter as Ultimate Scarlet Spider I'm all in! Im actually fine with him leaving the Spider-Man name to Miles and going as Iron Spider or Scarlet Spider even though I didnt think I would be. I liked Ultimate Peter as a character not just because he was Spider-Man. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Forever Evil was just plain AWESOME! Captain Cold is a freaking boss! Geoff Johns seriously writes the best Cold. I am beyond excited that he will remain under his pen for the forseeable future in Justice League! Plus someone PLEASE write a Rouges book!